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Wondering Why Business Signage Is Important? Here Are 5 Reasons

Various business surveys indicate that having signs can directly impact sales. Enhancing the visibility of signage or focusing on sign design may improve sales by up to 10%. Whereas poor signage, or a lack of signage, may prevent potential customers from entering the business at all.

The results of these surveys prove one thing: business signage is important.

Keep reading this article to learn about the benefits of having business signage, as well as tips for how to improve business signage.

Attracting Customers

Having business signage is a great way to reach new customers.

For smaller businesses, signs can direct clientele into their store locations. Similarly, signs can provide basic information about what the company offers. Place exterior signs at eye-level or in otherwise noticeable locations.

Individuals are more likely to enter a store they’ve never been in before if the sign out front is eye-catching.

Brand Recognition

One of the most common benefits of business signage is brand recognition.

Brand recognition is when a customer recognizes a brand based on an image or symbol rather than the name of a business. For example, McDonald’s has strong brand recognition. Customers see the golden arches and know what they represent.

Brand recognition provides a competitive edge. Customers are more likely to buy from and show loyalty to businesses that they’re familiar with. This makes it easier to introduce new product lines.

Lastly, brand recognition creates an opportunity to communicate with clientele.

Budget Conscious

Having good business signage is cost-effective. Businesses spend tons of money on promotions and advertising to reach their customer audience. Business signage offers the most potential for exposure for the least amount of money.

Signs are constant. Wherever they’re posted, they can be seen all day, every day. Other advertising methods, such as social media posts or radio and television require more effort, such as timing.

These marketing tools often require more personalization, too.

For example, social media posts tend to get the most traffic among younger audiences. Radio advertising may reach older populations. Alternatively, signs can approach customers of every age and demographic.

Improving Business Signage

Signs have the potential to improve the sales of a business. However, some signs are more effective than others. What indicates strong business signage?

Strong business signage is eye-catching.

Signs should incorporate different colors and unique designs that offer aesthetic appeal. However, the design shouldn’t be too complicated that it becomes illegible. For better readability, make sure any text is displayed in a big enough font.

Think about the message the sign is conveying.

Any information should appear clear and concise. The information provided should also be relevant and personal to the customer. The sign should cater to clientele wants and needs.

Signing Off

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to having strong business signage. Improving current business signs may expand the customer base and improve sales. Incorporating better color and design may lead to better brand recognition.

However, most companies that seek to improve their signage don’t know where to begin. Request a quote from Starfish Signs and Graphics to get in touch with a project manager. They specialize in graphic advertising to create exterior, interior, as well as other signs designed to fit the needs of your business!