Van Graphics for Florists in San Clemente

Wildflower Florist Brands with Van Wraps and Truck Graphics in San Clemente!

Without flowers, the vast majority of decorative touches for special occasions would fall flat. The Wildflower Florist knows of the importance of flowers and is your go-to specialist for all occasions. Located at 1001 South El Camino Real, this specialist creates extraordinary arrangements that display just the right tones, hues and brightness. With a delicate precision, these experts tease the blooms to become perfect centerpieces, decorative touches and suitable displays for your special event.

Van Wraps for Florists in San Clemente, CA

Van Graphics for Florists in San Clemente

When it came time to create a vehicle look that would make a memorable impression when delivering floral arrangements, the Wildflower Florist’s management team contacted the specialists at Starfish Signs & Graphics. Our expert, award-winning graphic designer Paul Martinez, worked on the display setup for the Transit van and the vintage Ford pickup truck.

Van Wraps for Florists in San Clemente

The wrap product makes excellent use of the shape and size of the van. It displays the company’s logo and name as well as contact information. The artistic renditions of flowers draw the eye with the whimsical display approach chosen. Utilizing the technology of perforated vinyl window coverings, the marketing and branding message continues also on the rear glass panes, which further enhances the head-turning nature of the setup. For the vintage truck, the use of graphics made excellent use of the vehicle’s base color. It now displays the logo and company name.

What are the Elements of Excellent Vehicle Advertising?

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You want consumers to see the name of your business, its logo and the niche details that make you stand out from the competition. Contact information is a key element that allows passersby and motorists to get in contact with you. How these bits of data are displayed make a huge difference on your van wraps and truck graphics.

  • Superior designs. Designing a wrap or graphics package is more complex than moving around the style elements. The trick here is to envision the impression each side of the vehicle makes on those exposed to it. Moreover, the style elements should lead the eye to the information.
  • Color contrasts. The contrasts of colors catch the eye. It is this factor that makes your graphics stand out or fall flat. While you do not really want to be too extreme with respect to the design’s entirety, it is a good idea to have a couple of eye poppers contained within the look.
  • Spatial use. While the size and shape of the vehicle determines the sizing of the graphics, it is vital to use the overall surface in the same way that an artist plans out a painting. Do not overload it but use every bit of necessary space for the best display possible.

Discussing Your Wrap Design

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Call us today for more information on vehicle graphics for florists in San Clemente, CA, as well as on those for all other types of companies. We work with you to design a look that suits your unique brand and expertly communicates your marketing and branding messages. During this time, we look over the artwork that you already have and then integrate it with the style elements that help it to stand out.

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