Safety and Traffic Signs San Clemente CA

Why You Need to Consider Safety Signs in San Clemente CA

Whether you are in charge of an office building, a manufacturing plant, a gated community or a retail store, safety signs for San Clemente, CA, establishments are part of your responsibility. Yet what are the right signage products to consider?

Safety Signs for Businesses in San Clemente CAManufacturing Plant Safety Signs

Within the industrial sector, federal and state laws frequently mandate the use of safety signage. Examples include directions to eye washing stations, hard-hat areas and warnings concerning high voltage or heat. Yet manufacturing plant operators can go beyond the requirements. For example, the display of signs urging workers to use all safety equipment and protocols is a good idea.

Neighborhood Signage Options

As a developer or management company, it is up to you to ensure that the area has the right traffic signs in place. In addition to clearly visible street signs, display speed limit markers and warnings that motorists should look out for children. Curb markings also fall under this heading.

Green curbs signify short-term parking that may not be available during trash pick-up days. Red curbs forbid parking at any time. The judicious use of these color curbs has the potential of enhancing easy views of oncoming traffic near street corners. Additional safety signs for San Clemente, CA, developments may be necessary – depending on the area’s setup.

Office Safety Signs San Clemente CAOffice Building Signage Options

Within an office building, there are signage products that help visitors and workers navigate the premises and evacuate the area as needed. Clearly visible, lit exit signs are mandatory. Although not mandated, the display of EVAC maps at all elevators and stairs is a useful tool for people to orient themselves and find the quickest route to escape. Signs prohibiting smoking, limiting entry of some areas to authorized personnel and labeling the fire extinguisher cabinets also fall unto the categories of useful signage solutions.

Safety Signs for the Retailer

Within the retail setting, you already have plenty of signs that advertise and brand. Adding more signs for the sake of safety can actually make these markers get lost in the shuffle. Look around the venue and see where you have not yet engaged consumers with signage communications. For the majority of retailers, this is usually the ceiling space. For this reason, we recommend the use of ceiling-mounted safety signage options that signal exits and emergency equipment access. Decals provide safety instructions at eye-level. Affix these to doors, windows and walls.

Material and Display Options for Safety Signs in San Clemente, CA

Neighborhood safety signs San Clemente CAAluminum signs last for a long time. They are suitable for interior and exterior display. Digitally imprinted vinyl overlays communicate the needed messages. Unless you are commissioning signs mandated by the state or municipality, we recommend a highly contrasting color combination. Vinyl decals attach to equipment, glass dividers, doors and vehicles. When you order wall-mounted EVAC maps, choose the aluminum option or go with an acrylic design that may fit better into the overall décor of your building.

If all of this sounds confusing and you are not sure what your safety signage needs really are, contact the professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics. We gladly send a consultant to your venue to inventory currently present safety signs, markers that are mandated but missing and possible product solutions that could increase the overall wellbeing of everyone present during an emergency or while performing daily tasks.

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