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Why We’re the Best Sign Company in San Clemente CA!

Custom Signs for San Clemente CAWhat do you look for when choosing the best sign company in San Clemente, CA? Undoubtedly, you search for a professional outfit that meets your needs. However, did you know that the quality of a sign maker is measurable in three distinct areas?

1. Well Staffed and Properly Outfitted

Do you want your posters to display with vibrant colors? Do you like the idea of the vehicle wrap looking so real that you almost want to reach out and touch the plate of grapes on the side of the delivery van? This type of quality calls for high-tech equipment that is up to the job. At our shop, you find equipment that is top of the line. We deliberately invested in superior quality print equipment because it directly affects the look of the products we sell.

Best Sign Company in San Clemente CAWe take great care to have a well-staffed shop that meets your deadlines on budget. We do not have to hire subcontractors to install your signs. This enhances our quality control protocols and ensures that you know who is entering your business during the installation process. Since our staff members have undergone rigorous training as well as an education in their crafts, you know that you are dealing with professionals who enjoy what they are doing, have a natural talent for it and stay up to date on developments in the field.

2. A Busy Shop (is good!)

Best vehicle wraps in San Clemente CAWe manufacture vehicle wraps, install building signs and meet with clients for design consultations on wall murals and graphics. Our staff members are busy, and this is a good thing. The sign shop that is not consistently busy is usually the company that has problems. Sometimes it is a lack of quality control or schedule adherence. At other times, a lack of business shows that the company is not focusing on the current needs of clients. This type of business is stuck in the past. We are busy – but never too busy to follow through on our commitments.

3. An Active Corporate Citizen with Defined Values

Handcrafted Signs in San Clemente CAWhile the quality of our work and the artistry of our staff members help us to be a busy sign shop, it is our collection of values and active involvement in the local community that helps us to stand out. We like to volunteer our time, expertise and resources to help non-profit organizations and get involved – hands-on – in activities that benefit those living around us.

For example, our very own Laura Reilly is a Blue Badge recipient of the Monarch Sunrise Rotary Club. This award is tied directly to community service projects. Our volunteer efforts have connected us to the Family Assistance Ministries as well as local schools. Since we also work with youngsters to provide leadership development opportunities, it makes sense that helping the schools is right up our alley.

The combination of these three areas allows us to present Starfish Signs & Graphics as the best sign company in San Clemente, CA. Still not convinced? Call us today to find out more!

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