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Why Sign Marketing Is Actually the Best Choice for Your Small Business

In the United States, there are currently over three million active small businesses with over four million just in California. These rates make standing out from your competitors more important than ever.

So how do you stand alone in your niche? One unique way is to use sign marketing.

The rapid spike in online marketing has caused sign marketing to become underrepresented by many businesses. However, if done correctly, sign marketing can benefit your business just as much as a fantastic website.

Listed below are the key reasons why sign marketing should be your first choice when deciding on how to promote your business.

Sign Marketing as Your Primary Strategy

Believe it or not, but sign marketing is actually your primary source of attracting local business. Signs give the customer a quick understanding of where your business is located and the services you provide.

Depending on where you place your sign, you are able to strategically draw customers to your business.

For example, placing your signs in an area that allows customers to easily access you makes it more likely they will. This may include posting a sign at the entrance or exit to your business.

Cost-Effective Tool

Unlike countless other forms of marketing, signs last a very long-time. Regardless of where they are posted, they are displayed 24 hours a day- making them constantly exposed for the purpose of reaching as many customers as possible.

If you think about it, there is no other marketing strategy that works that effectively.

It is also important to keep your signs consistent. Having a consistent image helps define your brand to customers and distinguishes your business as a unique entity.

This factor, coupled with the constant cost-effective exposure, makes sign marketing an unbeatable option for self-promotion.

Many Forms to Choose From

Sticking to a traditional exterior sign outside your business is great for local attraction- but, it can only get you so far. To stand out among your competition, consider using the following sign platforms:

These platforms are a great way to expand your advertising parameters and attract customers from places outside your local area.

Highly Profitable if Done Properly

First, you want to ensure that your sign fits the location it is in. Some attributes you should factor in when creating your sign include the:

  • Size of the sign
  • Font size
  • Sign color
  • Amount of content on the sign
  • Target audience

Your primary product or service should be the main message displayed on all of your signs. After all, the main goal for your business is to get customers to contact you- you want to make this as easy as possible for them.

Next Steps to Creating Your Sign

Incorporating sign marketing into your marketing plan has never been easier thanks to Starfish Signs. With our trusted service and your unique brand, your sign is sure to attract loads of new customers.

Begin developing your sign today by visiting our website to learn more about our services or to request a quote!