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Whiteboard Setup Ideas for Productive Teams

Whiteboards may have bloomed a little bit late after their debut during the ’60s. But, now, they dominate every office, classroom, and home despite several technological innovations. Truly, there’s nothing more interactive than using a whiteboard for every meeting, team brainstorming session, and company seminar. 

However, not many people know how to use and maximize the full potential of a whiteboard. When used effectively, it can significantly increase your team’s productivity, engagement, and organization.

So, here are different whiteboard setup ideas you can do in the office to help with your project management.

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How Do You Setup A Whiteboard For Productivity?

Is your office whiteboard slowly becoming an eyesore full of scrambled writings? If it’s not meeting your needs anymore, then it’s probably time to do a little makeover to stay organized. So get inspired with these ten whiteboard organization ideas for your next office meeting!

Use Lines to Create a Partition

Idea organization is the first key to increasing productivity. The simplest way to do that using a traditional whiteboard is by drawing lines to create a partition. You can simply divide the board in half or use washi tape to create multiple columns.

Color Coordinate Your Ideas

Color code your team members’ tasks using dry erase markers with different colors. This way, assigned tasks and other information would be more organized and much easier to understand at a glance. Just make sure to place a color-coding origin or history at the bottom of the board, so each member knows what color is assigned to them. 

Use the Kanban System

Kanban is a type of workflow management strategy that uses visual cues to easily track work progress. Incorporate this system into your office whiteboard using progressive headers, such as “in progress,” “submitted,” or “to review.” Create a Kanban by drawing columns or using sticky notes.

Incorporate Sticky Notes

Forgo Kanban and use sticky notes to keep the team updated on important information or tasks in the office. You can also use the color-coding scheme by assigning a specific task or person to a sticky note color.

Turn the Board Into a Calendar

If you want to keep the minimalistic theme of your meeting room, then you can opt for a glass whiteboard. Then, stay organized and productive by turning it into a monthly calendar for the team’s monthly activities. 

Create a Daily Schedule

Schedule your workers’ daily activities or office tasks by using the glass board as a daily planner. Some things to write on a whiteboard include meeting schedules, daily deliverables, and team projects.

Use Magnets

Magnetic whiteboards allow you to place magnets or magnetic signages into them for project management purposes. You can also use color-coded magnets to indicate specific reminders, tasks, or team members.

Build a Priority Matrix

One of the most lowkey yet effective whiteboard organization ideas is the Eisenhower priority matrix. This matrix helps you organize different projects based on their importance or urgency. As a result, team members can prioritize essential tasks first then tackle other activities later on.

Stack Important Documents or Pages

Besides writing important reminders, you can also post or place (using magnets) important files and documents on the whiteboard. For example, posting the weekly schedule or board meeting so everybody can see it.

Create a To-Do Checklist

Last but not least is everyone’s trusted to-do list. A larger version of a to-do checklist on your glass board can help you seamlessly keep track of all your tasks. Whether for group collaboration or personal productivity, you can never go wrong with a checklist.

man and woman brainstorming using a whiteboardtwo women in a whiteboarding session with a glass whiteboardman and woman brainstorming using a whiteboard

How To Know What Whiteboard Is Right For You?

Don’t have a whiteboard yet in your office? Or are you looking for the best boardman and woman brainstorming using a whiteboard to use in your meeting room? Here are some pointers on how to choose a suitable one that will meet your needs!

  • Mind the board surface. Whiteboards have different kinds of surfaces, such as porcelain, painted steel, glass, and melamine. 
  • Determine its function. If you’re going to use the board in a professional setting, it would be better to choose the glass kind. But for personal workspaces, a personalized one might bring you more enthusiasm to work and be productive.
  • Measure your space. Make sure that your space can accommodate the size of the board you’ll buy.
  • Choose quality. There are a lot of boards out there, but not everything has the same quality. So choose one that’s durable and can last for at least 20 years, such as a glass dry erase board. 
  • Consider magnetic compatibility. Not all whiteboards support magnets. So if you’re inclined to stick important flyers in your office board, then make sure it’s compatible with magnets.

Before buying a whiteboard, make sure to check out this detailed how-to guide on choosing the best whiteboard for your home office or conference room.

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FAQs About Setting Up Your Whiteboard

How do you organize a whiteboard?

It all depends on the type of work you do or your personal preference. For example, if your work involves tons of daily activities and meetings, a daily schedule system would suit you best. For teams, a Kanban system on a glass board can effectively track each member’s progress, avoiding overlooked projects or tasks.

What should I put on my whiteboard?

Some the things to write on a whiteboard are:

  • To-do lists
  • Important reminders for the entire team
  • DIY calendar to track appointments and meetings
  • Brainstormed ideas and projects
  • Group photos and achievements
  • Motivational quotes in calligraphy

Additionally, you can also customize your whiteboard and install different accessories, such as a stand or wheels, to make it mobile. 

How do you make a whiteboard look good?

If you’re tired of the old, traditional whiteboard, then you can spice up its look by getting a customized glass whiteboard design. You can also add minimalistic border frames or cute washi tapes to partition your board. Other things to use to design your board include magnets, magnetic signage, calligraphy headers, and writing using colored markers.

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Are You Looking for a Quality Glass Board for Your Office?

Glass boards definitely bring out innate productivity in everyone, especially if you incorporate one of these ten whiteboard setup ideas. If you’re looking for a quality glass board, then you have come to the right place!

Starfish Signs & Graphics can provide high-quality custom-made glass whiteboards to complement your office or work-from-home setup. 

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