When Should I Consider Large Format Printing for My Signage Needs?

Large format printing San Clemente CAFor your standard poster or vinyl window decal, our regular printer performs well. When you are looking at a certain number of specialized signage solutions, we switch over to our large format machine. How does it work? What do we do with this technology? How do you benefit from our use of this technology?

How do Standard Printing and Large Format Printing Differ?

Although both are digital printing processes, the machine that accommodates the large format is wider and uses UV ink. Since we frequently rely on this technology for outdoor signage printing, our customers appreciate the fade resistance the ink adds to the products.

Who Commissions Products Requiring this Technology (and what for)?

Large Vinyl Banners San Clemente CAWe use large format printing for signage in San Clemente, CA, in response to orders from event organizers, restaurateurs, non-profit organizations and a broad range of retailers and service providers.

  • Banners. Outdoor banners, trade show banners and seasonal products that you would hang inside a venue require the services of a large format printer. Since we can feed the vinyl directly through the printer, the ink imprints the information directly onto the material for best adhesion.
  • Canvas wall art. When you ask us to create wall art from digital images, we use this technology to create a seamless print on canvas. Ideal for framing, this product makes great wall displays for restaurants and service providers.
  • Text-heavy signage. Are you putting together a wall menu of services, a flow chart or something else that is extremely text-heavy? Perhaps you intend to use it for a floor to ceiling display mounted via a vinyl overlay onto an aluminum board. The perfectllook of this signage product depends on the use of a large format printer.
  • Wall murals. These murals consist of multiple vinyl sheets. The large-format printer allows us to imprint the widest sheets possible, which reduces the number of seams we have to match during the installation. Doing so minimizes errors and ensures a great look after the installation.
  • Corporate event signage. Do you need to commission a signage suite for your next corporate event? We will most likely use large format printing for vinyl banners, directional posters using high-gloss stock and any Gator board displays.

How does this Technology Benefit the Client?

Digital Printing San Clemente CAIn a word: savings. Large-format printing is a money-saving process that is not just inexpensive but also fast. When you have a tight deadline or commission a rush job, this process is ideal. At the same time, you do not compromise on quality. The graphics that you receive as a result are of the highest quality, present with crisp edges and show off colors that pop.

We understand that you probably have many more questions about large format printing for signage in San Clemente, CA, and its usefulness for your business. Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about the process and to discuss your signage needs with respect to large print applicability. If you like, you are welcome to visit our shop to see the equipment first hand. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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