Exterior signs for rebranding in South Orange County

What Role Do Signs Play in the Rebranding Process?

Rebranding is an art as well as a science. In simplest terms, the process refers to the display of the visual change of a company’s known signage in a manner that hints at a change in the internal workings as well. Companies change their logos and sometimes their names in the process. In some cases, the changes are subtle and involve the modification of a font style or a color shade. When companies look for a more striking transformation, they make changes that include complete color alterations, symbol redesigns and adjustment to their signage display modes.

The 3 Steps to Rebranding Signage in South Orange County, CA

Exterior Rebranding Signs for South Orange County

Before a rebranding

Rebranding is not something you undertake lightly. It is usually an attempt to reposition a brand with a new consumer demographic in mind. You see this frequently with companies that have been in business for a while and now alter their looks to appeal to a modern customer. With the transformation of the look also comes an overhaul of the company’s identity. So, what role do signs play in the rebranding process?

Exterior signs for rebranding in South Orange County

A new look after rebranding!

Three steps make it clear that this is a process that might not be easy but most certainly well worth it.

  1. Targeting the customer. This step takes place with market researchers. Finding out who is the new target demographic for a product or service relies on metrics, the evaluation of online and offline marketing as well as a good understanding of today’s market place.
  2. Discussing the signage changes. Working with a seasoned sign maker is to your advantage in this endeavor. This professional helps you to see the changes that even small alterations make. In addition, these professionals can show you how to make significant modifications while keeping some style elements the same.
  3. Commissioning new signage suites. Rebranding takes place on the exterior and interior of your business. No sign is exempt from the new look and the new attitude that your business now exudes.

What Signs Do You Need After Rebranding in South Orange County, CA?

Logo Rebranding Signs South Orange County

When a logo changes…

It starts on the outside. Your building sign goes from its old look to a completely new revamp. State Farm has shown that the change from a box cabinet with the well-known logo and the agent’s name to a much more colorful channel letter setup with supporting window graphics can make a world of difference. While the cabinet seemed to keep the office stuck in the 1970s, the new lettering actually takes it into the current marketplace.

Logo Building Signs for South Orange County

…your exterior sign must utilize the new logo!

Lobby signs, too, need to undergo a dramatic change. Many companies like the idea of having a reception area marker that mimics the look of the building sign. This is possible with materials that are similar to those used on the exterior. In the case of Horizon, the new lobby sign features a matte metallic look that reminds of the somewhat darker display on the building’s façade.

Logo Lobby Signs South Orange County

Lobby signs must also change after rebranding!

Remember also your window graphics. When we rebranded our company, we enhanced the color saturation of our logo and provided more details to its look. We also changed the sizes of the lettering a bit. Changing outdated window displays to show off new signage style elements is always a good idea.

Window Graphics for Rebranding in South Orange County

We rebranded our logo…

Signs for Rebranding in South Orange County

…to give it a three-dimensional look!

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