Wall Murals San Clemente CA

Wall Murals and Wall Graphics for Your San Clemente Business

There is more to wall murals than meets the eye. In the past, most business clients associated them with colorful animal and plant scenes at preschools and church nurseries. Over the last decade or so, this impression has been changing. In fact, now there are plenty of businesses that incorporate wall murals and wall graphics into their interior and exterior signage displays. What are your options?

Welcome Clients

Office Wall Graphics San Clemente CA

When you set up an office in a building where other companies are also doing business, wall graphics are excellent signage options for wayfinding purposes. Case in point is Talega Coast Dentistry, which commissioned a rendition of its logo and name lettering to be affixed to the wall right outside its office door. Patients have an easy time finding the location even if they are approaching the office from the other end of the corridor.

Wall Art and Inspirational Sayings

Wall Graphics for Medical Offices in San Clemente CA

Wall graphics for San Clemente, CA, make an excellent addition for a medical office. A good example is the office of Frank Mogavero, DDS, MS, PC. In the business of orthodontics and facial orthopedics, this medical services provider relies on the use of wall graphics to beautify the office space and include inspirational sayings that underscore the importance of taking care of your bodily health. Examination rooms and hallway walls display the messages that impress patients and remind staff members of their dedication to excellent health care.

Scenery and Motivation

Wall Murals San Clemente CA

At Starfish Signs & Graphics, we practice what we preach. When you visit our office, you will see a full-wall mural that displays an image of a pier jutting out into the ocean. Another wall displays a saying that intends to motivate the worker with an encouragement to be extraordinary. The combination of the mural and graphic enhances the overall atmosphere of the office in ways that customary wall art simply cannot achieve.

Additional Uses

Wayfinding Wall Graphics San Clemente CA

Wayfinding, branding and providing information to consumers are additional functions of the signage products. At the 1111 Wilshire Boulevard property, our technicians were able to use wall graphics to highlight the location of the leasing office as well as parking spots reserved for future residents. This setup welcomes visitors to the venue and gives them a little taste of “coming home.”

Ordering Your Graphics and Wall Murals for San Clemente, CA

Contact our technicians today for more information on these product solutions. They are ideal for all wall sizes and fit any budget. Your look can be as elaborate as you would like it to be. Incorporate all the colors of the rainbow or stick with black and white. Introduce clients or customers to your company’s business philosophy, or rely on this product to provide wayfinding for those who need assistance with traversing your property.

It is not unusual for companies to also use this signage product for markers such as lobby or building markers. Standing out from the competition is a key element in a successful branding and marketing campaign, and the use of wall murals and wall graphics can help you do so.

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