Window Graphics for Restaurants in South Orange County CA

Wall and Window Graphics for Restaurants in South Orange County CA

Window Graphics for Restaurants in South Orange County CAStatistics show that there were 2,438 full-service restaurants in Orange County during the last count. The odds are good that this figure did not include the small eateries that pop up seasonally or the food trucks that are not associated with an established brick and mortar enterprise. What do all of these businesses have in common? They need wall and window graphics for restaurants in South Orange County, CA, and beyond. What are the options?

Show off Your Dishes!

Marketing with window graphics is easy – particularly if you are already an established restaurant with plenty of good Yelp! reviews. When your guests routinely swoon over the combination platter and rave about the mixed drinks, take digital images of these products and have them digitally imprinted onto vinyl. Turning the dishes into window decals, and accompanying them with lettering that spells out a message to guests, has the power to bring in curious guests who want to experience what others already have.

Communicate with Consumers

Display your hours of operation on the door or window next to the entrance. Remember also to show off your eatery’s name and logo again. Some restaurant owners like to repeat the name and logo display on each windowpane for easy name recognition. Doing so allows consumers to distinguish your eatery with little more than a glance. This can be a great advantage when folks are trying to decide where to meet up for lunch. A venue with excellent signage is a great meeting place.

Provide Privacy with Frosted Vinyl Glass Covers

Vinyl Window Graphics for Restaurants in South Orange County CASome restaurants utilize a storefront setup that lets in plenty of light but does very little to give guests a feeling of cozy ambiance. Using frosted vinyl window graphics obscures the view into the eatery while it adds a chic appearance to the front of your business. Incorporate an imprinted logo or name design to heighten the appeal of the windows as well as their uses for marketing. Cover the entire height and width of the glass or only go up about halfway.

Vinyl Sets the Tone on the Interior as Well

Imprinted vinyl also has the power to set the tone for the guest experience on the interior of the restaurant. Wall murals and decals support the atmosphere you are setting with other interior décor elements – or they can take the lead and determine the ambiance. Since this vinyl product installs on all wall types, you can quickly change the look and feel of the space without having to undergo a lengthy wall priming, painting and airing out process.

Wall Graphics for Restaurants in South Orange County CADiscuss Wall and Window Graphics for Restaurants in South Orange County, CA, with the Experts

Our graphic artists understand that the selection of the right graphics package is not something that you can leave to chance. It calls for an understanding of your niche that is paired with expert handling of the vinyl. When you collaborate on this project with our experts, you succeed at turning your venue into a marketing and branding machine that quickly creates product awareness. Contact us today to find out how we can make this happen for you.

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