Vehicle Graphics and Lettering for Contractors in San Clemente CA

Vehicle Lettering and Graphics for Contractors in San Clemente CA

Contractors are in the unique position to visit customers in their homes or at work. Doing so offers these professionals excellent access to their targeted demographic. Advertising their services and products at that time is easy with vehicle graphics for contractors in San Clemente, CA.

Paneless Windows Brands and Advertises

Truck Lettering for Contractors in San Clemente CA

Case in point is Paneless Windows. The company relies on a pickup truck to transport professionals and materials to their job sites. Our graphic artists treated the tailgate of the vehicle with lettering that spells out the company’s name. It does so by mimicking the logo display that consumers are already familiar with. A phone number rounds out the presentation and makes it easy for folks to get in contact with the window pros.

J.D. McDonald Construction Company Wows with a Minimalist Approach

Vehicle Lettering for Contractors in San Clemente CA

Is it possible to shine with a minimalist approach? You bet! The J.D. McDonald Construction Company relies on a box truck to haul its materials and equipment to construction sites across town. Rather than treating the vehicle with graphics, the company’s management team opted for a minimalist approach that only calls for the display of the business’s name. Perfectly centered, it catches the eye because it stands alone on the large surface.

Comfort Cool Fans Maximizes on Display Space

Vehicle Graphics and Lettering for Contractors in San Clemente CA

The experts at Comfort Cool Fans went the opposite direction. Selecting a wrap product for their box truck, they display a gradually changing blue hue with the company’s name, logo, tagline and niche-specific information. Contact information, as well as the contractor license number, round out the setup. The doors of the truck also feature the name and logo. Repeating the information on a smaller scale creates a visual balance that the company uses advantageously.

Ballard Air Conditioning Relies on Name Recognition

Vehicle Graphics for Contractors in San Clemente CA

Ballard Air Conditioning also offers heating and plumbing services. The company’s name is well known in its service territory, which is due in part to the breadth of tasks the representatives tackle. Advertising with vehicle lettering and graphics was easy. The company’s van displays the business name as the main focal point. Niche-specific explanations are spelled out in white lettering on a red stripe around the vehicle. A phone number finishes the message.

What Could Vehicle Lettering for Contractors in San Clemente, CA, Do for Your Business?

When you transform the plain look of your work vehicle with lettering and graphics, you effectively take your advertising message everywhere. Brand your business while eating lunch and while picking up supplies. Even if you are stuck in traffic, you are still marketing your company’s information. Reaching your target demographic is easy – particularly since you are taking your message to where your clients live and work. Contractors frequently find that increasing the clientele in their service territories is easier with the use of vehicle graphics.

Contact our experts to learn more about your options. We help you decide between wraps, graphics, and lettering. In addition, we show you the best ways to position your message for maximum impact. Call us today to get started.

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