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Using a Variety of Materials for Vehicle Wraps

What do you envision when we discuss vehicle wraps? Perhaps you imagine how we can turn your nondescript white delivery van into a cornucopia of colors that brands and markets your floral shop. Maybe you think of your tired work truck with the mismatched paint job that could use a color change and perhaps some lettering to identify your plumbing business. Both thoughts are correct. Yet does your imagination go far enough? By using a variety of materials for vehicle wraps in San Clemente, CA, the experts at Starfish Signs & Graphics succeeded in creating a new generation of treated automobiles.

Cases in Point: The Dragon Alliance and Visiting Angels

Using a variety of vinyl materials for vehicle wraps

A look at the Dragon Alliance vehicle before the color change wrap.

Vinyl films for color change wraps

After the color change wrap!

Both companies are in different niches. Both opted for a mobile marketing treatment. Yet these vehicle wraps could not be any more different. For the Dragon Alliance, we applied a color change wrap. A blue to green gloss changed into a charcoal matte look. Next, we added the logo in a glossy black. The vehicle now looks sleek and impressive. For the Visiting Angels, we combined a standard vinyl wrap with a perforated vinyl product that lets the business utilize the windows for additional marketing. A reflective vinyl treatment makes some parts of the wrap visible at night, which adds another dimension of wow to the product.

Reflective vinyl films for vehicle wraps

The use of reflective vinyl films…

Refletive vinyl wrap films

…really shows off at night!

Treating Your Vehicle: One Innovation at a Time

You know that mobile marketing is the way to go. Yet what are your options?

  • Lettering and graphics. Combining vehicle vinyl graphics with lettering is the easiest and most budget-friendly solution for your business. The graphics underscore the nature of your company while the lettering provides all the information consumers need.
  • Partial wraps. When you are fortunate to have a vehicle painted in a color that matches your ad copy, we incorporate this hue into the wrap. This cuts down on material use and saves you money. It also offers you all the advantages of a full wrap.
  • Full wrap. This product is considered the most impressive vehicle covering on the market today. Opt for a color-change wrap or let us assist you with the design for a colorful product that highlights your business and informs the consumer. Three-dimensional artwork, textured looks and high-gloss effects are just some of the options open to you.
  • Add-ons. Now is the time to further customize your look. Choose a window perf to increase the marketing message you display. Add reflective accents. Select the addition of a QR (quick response) code, social media platform icon or seasonal message.

Getting Started

Contact our professionals today to find out how using a variety of materials for vehicle wraps in San Clemente, CA, can greatly enhance your marketing presence in the area. Learn more about the options open to you and how to position your brand with the help of mobile marketing. We routinely work with companies that already have artwork on file to incorporate the images into the wrap product. When you are looking for something extraordinary that you have never displayed before, we gladly design your wrap from scratch. Call us today to schedule your client consultation!

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