San Clemente’s Tina & Vince’s Deli Sandblasted Sign

Sandblasted Wood Signs are a great way to create that Old Classic Style and still have a good long lasting quality sign for your business. We will go briefly describe the process of creating sandblasted wood signs.

Step 1. Pick out a piece of clear grade lumber.  This is important because of how the wood has been treated. Be sure the wood contains few or no knots. Cut the wood to the right dimensions. Remember to check the thickness of the sign, depending on whether it will be single-sided or double-sided.

Step 2. Create the design for the rubber mask, stencil or draw the design on a rubber mask (the mask is what deflects the sand from blasting away the wood). Apply mask to the wood blank.

pre sandblast (1)

Step 3. Sandblast the sign. Be sure that the wood is blasted deep enough that when you apply paint on the design it will not reach the sandblasted surface. Typically the depth blasted should be between 3/8” to ¼”  deep. If you see wood grains that stick out more than others it is typically caused by glued edges.  Remove the raised wood grain in these areas with a knife. Do not smash the grains or else the sign will look chiseled.


Step 4. Remove the rubber mask from the wood. You must be careful in order to not pull off wood splinters with the mask. Go slow and always use a knife. Glue may still be adhered to the wood, and if so, remove the glue by using a sander.

photo 2

Step 5. Sand the edges, apply wood putty to areas where the wood has seemed to chip off because of the rubber mask and glue. When the wood putty has dried re-sand the wood.


Step 6. Depending on the sign and specifications there may be different techniques to apply finishes but for our example we have primed it. You may need to prime the sign multiple times in order for the sign to have sufficient protection from the elements.

Step 7. After the sign has been primed, Paint the entire sign with the desired background color and let dry.
Step 8. When the sign has dried Paint over the graphics and edges with a small paint roller with desired contrast colors and be careful to not drip paint on the painted sandblasted area.

painting (4)finished (1)

Step 9. When the contrast paint has completely dried, drill the sign mounts and mount on desired location. Enjoy with admiration!

Tina & Vinces (1)

Our installer’s editorial comment:  Besides now having a beautiful sign, Tina & Vince’s Italian Deli continues to serve delicious meals, as they have for the past 28 years.  Tina & Vince’s is a landmark on the historic Avenida Del Mar in beautiful San Clemente.  Stop by for a meal or for great take-out food, and let Tina or Vince know that we sent you!

At Starfish Signs & Graphics we take pride in our sandblasted signs. The process of creating a sandblasted sign can be difficult and extensive but we are here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your sandblasted sign.

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