Commercial Property For Lease Signs San Clemente CA

These For Lease Office Space Signs Get Noticed in San Clemente!

How do you attract attention from passersby and motorists? An excellent sign is usually the answer. What do you do when you need to draw the attention of a very narrowly defined audience? If, for example, you need highly noticeable “for lease” office space signs in San Clemente, CA, you are seeking to create interest in a certain group of decision makers. What are your options?

Color Combinations Make a Difference

Commercial Property For Lease Signs San Clemente CA

Contrasting colors are among the most visible displays possible. Whenever feasible, consider the use of white letters against a black background. Selecting this color combination makes it easy for the message to stand out in full sun but also in shade. If you are wondering about integrating your company’s colors – whether it is for a real estate firm or property management office – do not fret. It is always possible to add a frame in the colors of your business to provide the branding opportunity.

Signage Types that Draw the Eye

Commercial Property Real Estate Signs San Clemente CA

A post and panel setup is your best bet by far. For starters, the design can be as utilitarian or ornate as the vibe of the neighborhood and the atmosphere of the building demand. This product offers the added advantage of adaptability. Adding a smaller panel to show off an additional building or structural feature gives you flexibility with the way you address decision makers. If you know that a conference of telecommunications experts is in town, you might add a panel that highlights the build-out allowance contained in the lease.

Another signage option is the aluminum panel. It attaches to the side of the building and features a vinyl overlay with all the pertinent information. Although you cannot add additional selling points without altering the proportions of the display, there is some flexibility in this product. Banners work well for a generic “for lease” notation. If the building is situated in a high-end neighborhood, this may not be your best option. Of course, when office spaces have been going fast, and you are down to just a few, a banner with its limited time appeal might just be the right method for getting the attention of those searching for a new venue.

How Much Information is Too Much?

Commercial Office Space Signs San Clemente CA

It is frequently difficult to tell how much information you should include on a sign. Over the course of the years, we have discovered that a brief but concise message usually has a better appeal than one that is more general but includes plenty of details. For example, if you are leasing an office space that would hold appeal to a health care provider, say so.

The message “Medical Space for Lease” instantly narrows down your target demographic and puts you higher on the list of decision makers looking for this type of office. The downside, of course, is the fact that a law firm’s representative would pass you by. A good compromise is the display of a message that reads “Office or Medical Space for Lease.” You covered all your bases and targeted one demographic while not turning away others.

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