Tenant Improvemet Lobby Signs Pasadena CA

Tenant Improvement Signage for Fiedler Group in Pasadena

When the Fiedler Group moved to its 299 North Euclid Avenue location, Suite 550 needed to undergo some tenant improvements. This project allowed the professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics to work side by side with one of the area’s most respected architectural firms. This tenant improvement signage package in Pasadena, CA, included a lobby sign. We designed, manufactured and installed flat-cut acrylic letters that match the online logo display. It now brands the company on the wall behind the reception area.

Updates Abound!

Tenant Improvemet Lobby Signs Pasadena CA

Since the conference room was separated from the foyer with glass panes, the company’s management team also requested a vinyl product that would combine branding with visual definition of the space. We achieved this request by creating cut vinyl lettering as well as frosted vinyl stripes for each glass panel. The red and black logo provides the branding message. There were a total of 21 glass panels that we treated. Throughout this tenant improvement project, we used high-quality materials and edgy designs to match the overall atmosphere of the business.

Are You in Need of Tenant Improvements?

Tenant Improvement Conference Room Window Graphics

Far too often, business managers only associate the movement of walls and re-routing of wiring with tenant improvement projects. In fact, the addition of visual enhancements and signage components is also considered to fall under this terminology. In some cases, these projects are smaller and may only involve a few signage components. In other settings, the project is extensive and includes the design, manufacture and installation of spatial accents as well as a full suite of ADA signage, wayfinding markers and visual wall enhancements. The latter include wall murals and graphics.

If you have been thinking of adding office and lobby signs in Pasadena, CA, we can help. Our professionals first discuss the scope of the project with your management team and then focus on the creation of a signage setup that is cohesive and suits the needs of the space. This includes proper height and width choices as well as the selection of the right colors. Usually, our business clients ask us to refer to the website colors for the final authority in this selection. When you are just starting out in business and do not yet have a site set up, we can work with you to put together a look from scratch.

Improvements Take Place Before, During and After a Move

Tenant improvement signs Pasadena CA

It is a common misconception that tenant improvements are finished once you occupy the space. Although the improvements that involve floor plan changes usually do take place before a business moves into a space, signage additions and changes take place throughout the company’s tenure at the venue. This is particularly important when you decide to re-brand your business at some point. A change of colors or the font has a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of a marker, which then calls for adjustments.

Contact us today to learn more about our signage improvement projects, the addition of lobby signage or the installation of frosted cut vinyl lettering for Pasadena, CA, venues as well as the steps we recommend for undertaking a re-branding at some point during your office occupancy. We work with you to make the signage switch quickly and without disrupting the workflow in your office.

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