Tenant Improvement and Building Renovation Signage Projects

Lobby signs prominently highlight your brand to all customers, visitors and employees.  Brushed aluminum letters mounted to the wall with stand-offs provide a clean and modern look.

Freedom Innovations Lobby Before


Lobby Signs San Clemente CA










For more detailed images, lobby signs may be fabricated using acrylic panels, mounted with contrasting or decorative stand-offs.

OCSD Second Floor Lobby 02

OCSD Lobby Sign












Frosted vinyl and other architectural films allow customization of windows, conference rooms and glass panels.  There is an amazing array of films available, to suit almost any architectural requirement.

Frosted Vinyl

Emerson Engineering 01

Frosted Vinyl Sign










In addition to great design, monument signs involve careful consideration of structural elements.  The designer and fabricator work together to ensure the finished sign looks great, meets all Planning and Building codes, and complies with Traffic requirements in terms of setbacks and lines of sight.

Monument Footings 03

OCSD Monument Construction

Monument Footings 04

OCSD Monument Construction

Monument Signs















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