Lobby Signs for Professional Offices in Glendale CA

Custom & Professional Lobby Sign for Prime Holdings International

Located at 500 North Brand Boulevard in Suite 1750, Prime Holdings International is in the financial sector. The company’s management team contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics to create a lobby sign that would bespeak the global aspect of the company and take the website’s display of the logo as a model for the finished marker.

Halo-Lit Lobby Signs Irvine CA

Halo-Lit Lobby Sign Shines at Halyard Health in Irvine CA

Located at 43 Discovery in Suite 100, Halyard Health is familiar to many business customers as the former Kimberly-Clark Health Care Company. Halyard is in the business of medical technology and its broad range of applications in the health care field. It is the company’s expressed goal to move the quality of health care forward by eliminating pain, preventing infections …