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Sustainable Signage Solutions: Reclaimed Wood

At Starfish Signs, sustainability is one of our 5 core values. In general, our sustainable practices consist of being environmental responsible with all steps of our processes and operations. We also do a lot of work with recycled and reclaimed materials. Because all of our signage work is fully customized, we are experts on making use of reclaimed materials, such as wood. This is great on multiple levels—we are providing the custom signs that perfectly fit the vision of our customers, and we are upcycling unusual and interesting materials to give them a new use and a new lease on life.

One recent project provides an excellent example of what we can do with reclaimed wood. The Dean Aguilar Group came to us with a unique signage request: they wanted us to make them a new sign using a combination of high end brushed aluminum elements, along with reclaimed wood. The wood that we sourced wasn’t just any wood, though—it was something pretty special. The wood for the Dean Aguilar Group was Alaskan yellow cedar that was originally installed at the Hollywood Bowl, the iconic amphitheater, opened in 1929, which has hosted countless, world-famous guests, including President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, Elton John, and countless other classic and modern musical acts.

Our design team loves custom projects that inspire our creativity, and this one surely did that. And our end product was something we were incredibly proud about. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the client had to say about the sign:

“Thank you so much for our sign it is absolutely amazing we can’t believe how good it looks! Your guys were extremely professional and very nice and we will be recommending you guys to everyone!!!! Thank you again for the amazing work! “
Mercedes Glendon
Marketing Director, Dean Aguilar Group

Whether or not you have unique materials you wish to have made into a sign, Starfish Signs can turn your dream concept into a sign reality. And in the process, we will follow sustainable practices to make sure that the sign isn’t only good for you, but that it’s good for the community and the environment. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.