Suite Signs Riverside County CA

Suite and Directory Signs for the North Perris Medical Center

Located at 126 Avocado Avenue, the North Perris Medical Center is home to a pharmacy and a variety of health care professionals in a broad range of specialties. When it came time to add suite and directory signs for professional offices in Riverside County, CA, the building’s management professionals contacted the signage pros at Starfish Signs & Graphics to design, manufacture and install high-quality product solutions.

Impact of Quality Directory Signs in a Professional Setting

Directory Signs Riverside County CA

The directory displays a black frame and metallic panels that feature the lettering. The management company ensured that none of the panels would be blank, which led to the inclusion of suite availability signs that also feature the square footage of the open spaces. This is a clever marketing tactic that you do not see commonly employed by management companies. The individual suite signs show a metallic look with clear acrylic coverings and black printing.

Suite Signs Riverside County CA

The combination of silver metal, clear acrylic and black frames as well as lettering is ideal for a venue that desires to portray a professional image. By including the signage into the overall interior design of the building, the management company has succeeded at setting the tone for the consumer experience. It is clear that this is a professionally managed building by a company on the cutting edge of the trends. By underscoring this attitude, it is easy to attract professionally minded clients who are likely searching for a long-term office location.

Style and Material Combinations that Stand Out

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The combination of acrylics and metals is the front-runner. Whether you select the acrylic as a base for featuring metallic signage elements or you are using it as a top layer to accentuate the look of the metal with a clear and glossy cover, this is one combination you simply cannot go wrong in choosing. Yet there are also less obvious material and style combinations.

For example, signage foam is the substrate of choice when you need to combine lettering with artwork. Cover the foam with PVC, acrylic or even metallic laminates for another great look. Paint the sides of the foam in black to create a contrast or select one of the company’s colors to support branding. In some cases, the creation of a three-dimensional display relies heavily on the use of foam. It is possible to create letters at a depth of three inches, which results in an amazing focal point on your wall.

Placing Your Order

Contact our professionals for more information on winning signage combinations and professional-looking marker options. We work with your management team on the design of suite and directory signs for professional offices in Riverside County, CA, and its surrounding areas. Our graphic artists work with the artwork that you already have and incorporate it into our sketches.

We also work with companies that are undertaking a re-branding or just starting out. Let us show you how a few changes to your existing fonts or color selections can make a huge difference in the professional appearance of your interior and exterior signage. Call us today to get started.

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