Wall Graphic Project from Signs from Starfish Signs and Graphics in Orange County

Spooky Signage makes for a Happy Halloween

Getting into the spirit of the season starts becoming important in the fall, beginning with Halloween at the end of October. Creating unique decorations is a fun and festive way to celebrate Halloween, however carving a pumpkin and sticking up some fake spider webs may not set you apart from the crowd and it might be time to consider some new ways to use creative signage to decorate your home or office for All Hallow’s Eve. Here are some ways that the team at Starfish Signs and Graphics came up with to help you create some really cool decorations for Halloween:

Wall graphics are a great way to spread some spooky delight into any room. Wall graphics are composed of a vinyl graphic with shapes and patterns cut out of them so the color of the wall on which it is being applied shows through and really make for a cool look. You can get really festive and paint the wall on which you are applying orange and have black vinyl graphics, giving your space a very colorful and spooky feel to it. Static window clings are another great way to decorate for Halloween.  Static clings can be printed in solid colors or with a digital print and be can printed on translucent or opaque material.

Having an event during Halloween, such as a running a pumpkin patch, hosting a hayride or even creating a haunted house can be a really fun and interactive experience if you get the look just right look. Magnetic signs are a great way to attach cool-looking, custom cut graphics to any ferrous metals. Magnetic signs are durable and they can easily be removed, giving you the flexibility to use the same sign in multiple instances and places. Creating tombstones is easy when you find or create a great graphic and then print it on vinyl and mount it on hard foam board. You can also apply vinyl graphics to the floor of your event that add to the ambiance.


There are many creative ways the team here at Starfish Signs and Graphics can turn your Halloween party, office event, haunted house or other event into a completely custom visual experience. Contact us today and see what we can do to help you Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results.