Monument Signs for San Clemente CA

South Coast Surety Brightens Monument Sign in San Clemente CA

Located at 1100 Via Callejon, South Coast Surety is your provider for state bonds. Whether you need a bond for a car wash, a notary business or a new contractor, this organization helps you with a quick response even when business applicants do not yet have established an excellent credit portfolio. Since this company has a highly defined logo look, the management team contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics to create a monument sign addition that would do the logo justice.

Monument Signage Just One of Our Specialties!

Monument Signs for San Clemente CA
We routinely handle custom monument signs for San Clemente, CA. Whether you need us to construct one on-site, customize a prefabricated product or update an already existing marker, we take care of your branding and marketing. In this case, we manufactured colored aluminum panels to which we added acrylic lettering. We mounted the signage components to an existing ground wall that serves as the monument sign for nearby Northrop Grumman. Now, it also displays the signage for South Coast Surety.

Signage Combos are Tricky

There is more to combining the signage products of two companies on the same surface than meets the eye. In fact, this is the kind of product installation that calls for a keen eye and the ability to combine two marketing messages so that each company gets top billing. Due to the triangular shape of the monument we were working with, it was possible to keep the initial signage setup in place while adding the signage components for South Coast Surety with an attractive centered appearance.

Have You Been Agonizing About Your Façade or Monument Signage Setup?

Have you worked with a signage company that did not have the keen eye we just talked about? Does your monument sign, pylon or façade look a bit like a hodgepodge of markers that identify a variety of different companies but mar the attractive appearance of the building in the meantime? We can help. As our work with the monument sign panels for San Clemente, CA, proves, our technicians understand how to select the right installation techniques for signage that is completely different from other components already installed.

  • Site survey. It all begins with a site survey. We take measurements of the existing signage and photograph it from a variety of angles.
  • Size calculations. Next, we calculate the signage size you need to appropriately market to oncoming traffic. At the same time, we take into consideration the sizing of other signs that will be sharing the space with your marker. The trick here is to make your signage as large as possible without detracting from the appearance of the other markers.
  • Color selections. We always recommend that you use your company colors. Although it might help your sign to blend in better if you kept it in the colors that the façade or monument marker already displays, this is not always a good idea. We prepare sketches using both looks to show you what your marker would look like and how it would harmonize with the existing signage.
  • Sign manufacture and installation. Only when you are completely satisfied, will our technicians undertake the permitting process, manufacture and then professionally install the product.

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