Signing Up for Sustainability

The word ‘sustainability’ is often used by businesses today to portray themselves as entities with a minimal environmental impact. Frequently, however, most of these forays to inform you of how they are helping to preserve the environment will end shortly after the ‘y’ in sustainability. While sustainability can mean many different things depending on what the context of the business is, let’s focus in on the sign business: What does sustainability mean for Starfish Signs & Graphics?

We at Starfish Signs and Graphics consider ourselves green in the sense that we actively seek to create solutions that will have less of an impact on the environment than the industry-standard. We have taken steps within our business to recycle as much material as possible (including our used ink cartridges), we use materials and inks that have a reduced environmental impact, and we actively promote these solutions to our clients.

hp_latex_printer_starfishsignsandgraphicsOne example of how Starfish Signs and Graphics has incorporated green ideals into our business is our incorporation of the HP Latex printer into our production process. The HP Latex printer uses water-based inks to produce extraordinary colors and results on a dynamic variety of materials. Water-based inks create no noxious fumes or hazardous chemicals, so no special ventilation is needed for our printing process. Also, because our inks do not use solvents, we are able to provide solutions for sensitive indoor environments such as those in schools and in healthcare establishments.

Regardless of the environmental challenges presented to the sign industry, and business in general, Starfish Signs and Graphics stays committed to seeking out new and innovative ways towards reducing our footprint on the Earth.