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Glass Whiteboards San Clemente, CA

Glass whiteboards are more attractive and exciting to look at than typical dry-erase whiteboards. They can show your company logo, or a beautiful image, or anything else you have in mind. Turn them into calendars, schedules, sales charts—however you see fit. This will make your office or workspace attractive to visitors without compromising function for your employees and meetings.

Our custom glass whiteboards in San Clemente, CA, have all the functionality of dry erase boards—they’re magnetic and easy to clean. What’s more, they last longer than traditional whiteboards, and they don’t leave behind ghosting from markers. You also don’t have to worry that your whiteboard will be permanently damaged if someone accidentally uses a permanent marker. With our custom glass whiteboards in San Clemente, CA, permanent marker cleans right off with a little bit of alcohol.

What Are Your Options?

We can print anything you would like onto glass whiteboards in San Clemente, CA. We recommend using images that are a little more simplistic with large areas where you can write. The alternative option is to have a series of boards mounted, with more complex imagery on the end boards and solid color boards in the middle. Whatever the chosen artwork, we will help ensure that the imagery is at least 400 PPI to look crisp and clean when printed.

Glass whiteboards in San Clemente, CA, can be mounted pretty much anywhere in your office or building. Since glass whiteboards are mounted using standoffs, the wall doesn’t need to be smooth or flat to mount one of our boards on it. Whether your walls are cement, drywall, plaster, or even brick, we can make the wall space functional for you. Use our custom glass whiteboards in San Clemente, CA, to turn any wall into a beautiful, writeable surface.

Getting Started on Your Order

Starfish Signs is located in beautiful San Clemente, CA, and we are well-positioned to provide service to the nearby Irvine, Dana Point, Aliso Viejo, Laguna, Niguel, Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside counties.

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