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Signage Solutions for Your Office Build-Out

The key to attracting businesses to your office property and keeping them there is making your office space look like a place a business would want to occupy. Whether your property is a newly constructed building or you have an existing space that you are thinking about overhauling, there is a lot to think about. But while the physical layout of office suites is certainly important, and the furniture and layout of common spaces is key too, it’s just as important to think about your signage needs and the signage needs of your tenants. Here are the most important types of signage to think about to attract tenants to your space:


Accessibility Signage: It’s the Law

ada_3_braille-tactile-fabrication-768x576The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has compliance requirements for buildings to accommodate the needs of blind or visually impaired tenants, employees and/or guests. ADA signs have both tactile elements, for vision impaired individuals, and braille elements, for blind individuals. There are very detailed requirements regarding the design and construction of the braille and tactile elements, and these are often the source of non-compliance issues. Learn more about ADA compliance signage here: https://www.starfishsigns.com/introduction-ada-compliant-interior-signs/


Branding your Space with Signage

surfer-wall-graphic-300x265From a tenant’s perspective, their office is their headquarters. It’s the physical embodiment of everything they do and represent. They want people who enter the building to know that they’ve come to the right place, and to think that the building matches the company or organization they are there to see. This can vary widely depending on your building type—solely office space, a mix of retail space and office, or totally retail space. Regardless of what you’re going for, office signage is the perfect solution. Branding your lobby or reception area with high impact signage immediately exposes people to your brand, and it can help welcome people and make them comfortable that they’ve come to the right place.


Within the office spaces of your tenants, there is a lot that you can do to help them customize their own space too. Branding their space and their offices with signage, displaying signage featuring their mission statements, awards and certificates, or even window and wall graphics with their brand motifs. Remember, allowing your tenants to customize the appearance of the space to meet their own brand and vision will help them feel at home. Plus, attractive tenant offices that you can show to prospective clients can be very helpful when signing future clients. Between custom signage and custom wall graphics, the possibilities are endless. Check out some of the recent signage work we’ve done to brand office space: https://www.starfishsigns.com/lobby-business-signs-technology-businesses-startups-irvine/



Wayfinding Signs Help People Navigate the Space

susan-soto-zurn-e1424283976820-1024x700Another important component to a professional workspace is wayfinding signage to help tenants and their guests find their way around the building. Signage such as building and floor directories, designations for conference rooms and cafeterias and meetings spaces, and office suite numbers have the potential to be functional to your tenants and their guests while simultaneously matching the vibe of your building and adding a touch of class. One important factor about wayfinding signs that differs from other signage needs is that your wayfinding signs may need to be changed and updated frequently. Because of this, you’ll need them to be designed so they look great but also allow for ease of future change. Click here for more information and inspiration about functional office signage: https://www.starfishsigns.com/services/interior-signs/office-signs/


Add Beauty, Function and Privacy to the Glass in your Office

11600_stif-300x225More and more companies today are making use of open space, collaborative meeting areas, and significant amounts of glass, such as on conference room walls. Sometimes, though, it is important to help balance out the open feel and the natural light afforded by glass with appropriate levels of privacy. There are a lot of solutions to add character and privacy to glass in office space, such as etched and frosted glass, and architectural films. These glass treatments add the privacy needed without compromising on the natural light that makes glass inside of your office so desirable. Think about ways to add beauty and function to the glass in the common spaces of your building, and inside the individual offices of your tenants. Learn more about the details and options of glass treatments here: https://www.starfishsigns.com/orange-county-installer-3m-fasara-architectural-film/


Don’t Forget about Exterior Signage

customWhile much of the focus may have been centered around the inside of the office, you can’t forget about the signage on the outside. It is important for you to think about branding the outside of your space both to attract prospective clients and just to help people know that they’re in the right place. And depending on your space and the nature of your tenants’ businesses, you may need to consider allowing your tenants to put their own signage on the outside of the business as well. There are many different directions you can take with the signage. Some of your options include building-top signs, signs mounted on the side of buildings, monument signs, and exterior directories. Plus, you have a lot of options with regards to lighting and sign materials as well. To learn more about what you can do with exterior signage, click here: https://www.starfishsigns.com/services/exterior-signs/building-signs/


Let’s Get Started

At Starfish Signs, we love to design signs to fit your exact needs. Whether you know exactly what you want or you don’t know where to begin, our experienced team can walk you through the various options and solutions that are just right for you. But we don’t stop at basic signage either—if you have an idea for something really unique, such as a special type of material, or a custom shape, we’d love to meet to discuss how we can make it happen for you.

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