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Signage Removal San Clemente, CA

Adding a new sign to your building is not always as easy as it sounds. Aside from the challenges of finding the right sign for your needs, in many cases, there are issues with old signs that are already in place or damage to the facade of the building caused by these aging signs. Or perhaps you know you need to paint and repair the facade of your building, but you are unsure about signage removal in San Clemente, CA, and how to reinstall it after your repairs.

Whether you are a business owner taking over a previously rented space and you’re looking to replace old signage with your own, or a property owner or manager looking to update the facade of your building, Starfish Signs and Graphics has the signage removal in San Clemente, CA, solution for you. Our general process of updating your building facade consists of three steps:

  • Removing your old or existing signage.
  • Patching and painting the building facade.
  • Installing or reinstalling your new sign.

Here are the details that you need to know:

Removal of Existing Signage

The first step of any signage removal in San Clemente, CA, is removing the existing signage. Don’t worry; we will handle this step for you. Older signage sometimes involves the use of high-voltage transformers, as seen in neon signs. For this reason, it is essential that signage removal in San Clemente, CA, be done by experienced professionals who know how to handle this type of material safely.

Disposing of Old Signage

Neon and neon transformers are considered hazardous waste by most municipalities, so you must also look into the proper steps for safe disposal. We recommend speaking with the building owner or the property manager about the responsibility for signage removal in San Clemente, CA. It is possible that costs associated with this work may be covered by a prior tenant’s lease or by your own lease.

Storing Signage

If you are simply repairing the facade of your building so you can reinstall the existing signage of your property, you still need a location to store the signage during the facade repair process safely. We will carefully and safely remove the existing signage and store it in our warehouse until the repair work on the facade of your building is complete.


Updating or Repairing the Building Facade


Signs are generally anchored to the front of the building. If the prior signs are electrical signs, there are almost certainly penetrations for wiring that go all the way through the wall of the building. We will help you with repairing damage to the facade from old or existing signage, or updating the facade of the building, depending on your needs.

It is best, both for the appearance of the building and the new sign and for the integrity of the building, that all penetrations are repaired and that the building fascia is painted and properly textured to match the rest of the building. As with all signage removal in San Clemente, CA, some of this may be the responsibility of the previous tenant. Check your lease for more information, as it is vital for you to understand whose responsibility this work is and all the things that the project may entail.

There are many challenges associated with matching paint and texture. Do you have the original specifications? Has the paint faded? For these reasons and more, we always use a commercial painter for this step.

We work with several excellent painters and will gladly provide a proposal for this work. But it is essential not to take this step lightly because poorly painted, and textured facades can ruin the look of even the newest, most exciting signs. Although there may be an additional cost associated with hiring a commercial painter, it is crucial that your new sign be installed and viewed as free from the distraction of holes and inconsistencies on the surrounding wall.

Updating the Facade

Attracting tenants to your property and keeping your existing tenants happy means providing your building with a high-quality, up-to-date look. Exposure to the elements, changes in building styles, and expansion to or renovation of your building may lead you to decide to update your facade.

At Starfish Signs, similar to the process we take with repairing facades, we work with experienced commercial painters, masons, and contractors. These trained professionals will help give your building the color and texture that matches both the rest of your building and your vision for your property.


Installing Your New Sign


This is the easiest part of the process for you. Whether installing new signage or reinstalling signage after a building fade project, we handle all permitting, installation, and final inspections. Our team members are familiar with the building codes of all the municipalities in San Clemente, CA, and all nearby Irvine, Dana Point, Aliso Viejo, Laguna, Niguel, Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside communities, and we will make sure that there is no issue with securing the appropriate permits.

Our installation specialists also have years of experience working with all types of building facades and structures. We will ensure that your sign is installed safely, to code, and, of course, in a manner that maximizes the look and impact of the sign.

At Starfish Signs and Graphics, we are dedicated to providing the signage solutions that are right for you and your business. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to signage, and that is why we design fully custom signs. We do nearly all of our work in-house, too, so that we can fully stand behind the quality of all steps in the process. The only work that we don’t do in-house is work that requires special skill sets, such as stone and masonry work and commercial painting.

If you’re ready to learn about how Starfish Signs and our signage removal in San Clemente, CA, services can take your business signage to the next level, contact us today. We’re dedicated to helping our clients Stand Out, Be Noticed, and Get Results.