Vinyl Window Graphics San Clemente CA

Seasonal Window Graphics Shine at Three Dog Bakery in San Clemente!

Dog lovers know that the Three Dog Bakery located at 174 Avenida Del Mar is the real deal. Natural ingredients that are prepped just before baking make the classic apple oatmeal wafers or miniature vanilla biscuits a hit with four-legged companions. Natural dog chows and beef rawhide round out the products you might buy there. If you have a cat, too, do not worry! Nobody is left out with the kitty treats that the Three Dog Bakery offers. When it came time to add some seasonal window graphics for retailers in San Clemente, CA, the store’s management team contacted the signage experts at Starfish Signs & Graphics.

Whimsical Graphics Attract Attention

Seasonal window graphics for retailers in San Clemente CA

After discussing the desired designs with the company’s management team, we designed fun graphics that depict happy dogs dancing with a cake, cupcake and spoon. They make it instantly clear for whom the delectable baked goods are. The choice of colors is suitable for all seasons but particularly summer. These graphics last for a long time; even so, it is possible to remove them and make room for others or to add to them with seasonal highlights. In fact, adding seasonal accents to these types of graphics is a common choice for many of our business clients.

How Can Window Graphics Give Your Store More Appeal?

When discussing the use of window graphics, many retail clients believe this to mean lettering like “Sales” or “Deep Discounts.” Some associate graphics with the use of sales-related imagery like dropping prices or red pens. Although it is most certainly possible to design and manufacture these types of graphics for your store, there is so much more that you might use.

Vinyl Window Graphics San Clemente CA

  • Stylized depictions for customers. In the case of the Three Dog Bakery, the customer is the dog’s owner. For a children’s boutique, the customer is a fashionably dressed girl’s mother. Adding these types of graphics to your windows instantly appeals to your target demographic.
  • Digital images of products. For high-tech retailers and those selling food, consider the use of digitally printed images that depict one of your products. This could be a product that consumers are raving about on Yelp and similar websites. Make mention of this fact.
  • Seasonal images. Each month has a particular holiday or “national day” that makes it easy to tie in your products. Commission these graphics for the year, and change your window displays monthly. You keep your look fresh while putting shoppers in the mood to become buyers.

Ordering Seasonal Window Graphics for Retailers in San Clemente, CA

Contact our graphic artists today to discuss your window graphics needs. We work with the artwork that you already have or design something completely new from scratch. When you are shifting the focus of your target demographic, are undertaking a re-branding or are adding new product lines, our graphic artists can design images that easily communicate your marketing and branding messages to shoppers. In addition, we work with you on the design of secondary marketing signs, such as A-frames, that support the look of your graphics and enhance the communication in which they seek to engage shoppers.

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