Sandblasted Beach Signs in Southern California Beach Towns

Wherever you live, work or play in the Orange County area, wood signs are a common fixture in many Southern California beach towns.

In some cities, including our hometown of San Clemente, the City of San Clemente Municipal Code has extensive requirements that business and property owners must follow. Reading and interpreting Chapter 17.84 can be daunting, but that’s where Starfish’s expertise and knowledge can help. The sign ordinances require that signs look ”handcrafted’. Sandblasted wood signs meet that requirement, and also promote a rustic beach feel. For these reasons, sandblasted wood signs are used extensively.

Within the style of sandblasted signs, you can still express your personality. Are you more traditional or modern in nature? Sandblasted signs can, as the City of San Clemente says, “promote an aesthetically pleasing environment…. are an important and necessary means of communication… they can be lively, colorful, and exciting.”

Traditional Sandblasted Wood Signs
How is this done? Sandblasted wood signs are made by applying a mask to the surface, and then literally blasting away the unprotected areas. The wood blanks are usually redwood or cedar, and depending on the specific type of wood, different depths of penetration can be achieved. Typically, text, logo elements and borders end up being raised, and the background is recessed.

Three good examples of sandblasted wood sign projects are shown:

tina-vinces-sandblasted-sign    mariners-village-sandblasted-sign    signal-point-sandblasted-street-signs

As these examples illustrate, the signs are finished with paint, and any number and combination of colors are possible. The wood must be primed first, and then finished with a high-quality exterior paint, to minimize cracking, peeling and UV damage, common due to the sun exposure and the sea air.

Modern Sandblasted Wood Signs
Depending on the type of business, Starfish clients may prefer a more clean and modern design, but want to keep the handcrafted look. We have worked with many customers to adapt the sandblasted wood style, while offering multiple design options.

One approach that we particularly like is to combine routed metal (usually aluminum) letters and logo elements with redwood or cedar sign blanks. We finish the wood blank to a high quality, almost furniture-like look, and then apply routed metal letters directly to the finished surface. The routed metal elements can be painted (as in the case of Ellie’s Table and The Cellar) or they may have a brushed or polished metal look (like the Muse sign). When combined with a custom fabricated bracket, this combination of materials and design results in a sign that contributes significantly to the ambiance of the business, and conveys that feeling to customers and potential customers walking through the business district.

the-cellar-sandblasted-sign      muse-sandblasted-sign     ellies-table-sandblasted-sign

From traditional sandblasted wood signs, to stained and polished wood signs, to unique combinations of metal and wood, we can design a sign that fits the personality of your business, is a fit in your community, and satisfies all city sign ordinances. Call us today to design and fabricate a sign that exactly matches the personality of your business.