San Clemente Urgent Care Keeps Coming Back for Signage Solutions


From the time they opened, Hybrid MD – an urgent care center located in San Clemente, CA – has turned to Starfish Signs & Graphics for all of their signage solutions. It started with a large, colorful banner on their building to help people find their business. From there, Hybrid MD requested additional help with wayfinding signage to direct people from both outside of the building and inside the hallways. They also hired Starfish Signs to install wall decals throughout their office, and when Hybrid MD wanted custom 4 ft by 3 ft red arrows that read “Urgent Care,” they of course turned to Starfish Signs.

surfer-wall-decal-hybrid-md“In my opinion, if it wasn’t for Starfish Signs & Graphics and the signs that we got from them, our business would not have taken off as quickly and we would not be as successful as we are,” said Kevin Ferguson, Chief Operations Officer and Practice Administrator for Hybrid MD.

But it isn’t just the success of their business that encourages Hybrid MD to return to Starfish Signs for all their signage needs. According to Mr. Ferguson, it is the quality of the work and the ease of doing business that keeps them coming back for more.

“Every single solitary time we have worked with them, it has been very easy. They’re professional and very personable,” said Ferguson. ” They delivered the signs here for us; I didn’t have to go pick them up. The cost of doing it was better than what you can get anywhere else. And the quality of the signs was incredible. The staff and the service there is amazing.”

According to Mr. Ferguson, Hybrid MD will likely be returning to Starfish Signs again to outfit the booths they will be hosting at upcoming community events.


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