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San Clemente Small Businesses Face COVID-19 Head On

During our eight years in business in the San Clemente community, Starfish Signs has had the immense pleasure of seeing many of the businesses we partner with grow and expand. We have worked with a variety of local businesses to provide high-quality, custom interior and exterior signage. Our relationships with these businesses go well beyond the initial transaction of creating their signs–we have loved getting to know the faces behind the businesses as we befriended the owners of the businesses and began to frequent their locations as clients ourselves.

Meet Some of Our Favorite Local Businesses

We have had the privilege of working with businesses throughout the San Clemente area. Although we could not possibly highlight the achievements of all of our partners in one article, we are exceptionally proud of the following businesses, who remain open to provide essential services to our community during this time. These businesses, like us, have introduced many shifts to their model (practically overnight!) to ensure that customers have their needs met.

The Cellar

The Cellar

The Cellar is an American-style wine bar featuring coffee, microbrews, and live music. Yes, folks, you really can have it all with these guys. Although we provided The Cellar with some of their original outdoor work, we are so pleased to be helping provide them with banners and promotional signage in order to ensure that customers know that they can continue to have it all, even if they have to do it take-out style. Furthermore, The Cellar is utilizing their food distribution connections to create a sort of mini-pantry experience that locals can use to supplement their grocery needs without taking the risk of going to a conventional grocery store.


Barnoa Wine Bar

Another wine bar, Barnoa offers wine, beer, gourmet cheese, and charcuterie. Whether you are looking for an ambient date night with your partner or somewhere to kick back and enjoy the good vibes with your friends, Barnoa is the place for you. We have been working with Barnoa to provide banners to advertise their takeout services so that customers know that they can carry out all of their favorite sips and replicate their Barnoa experience at home with the same excellent foods.

Drift Distillery

Drift Distillery

Drift Distillery is unique in that they plant and harvest all the ingredients that go into their exceptional, high-quality liquors. They have a robust portfolio of spirits that even the most seasoned connoisseur would enjoy browsing. Not only is Drift an icon in our local hospitality industry, but Drift is currently taking action to convert the work that they do to create hand sanitizer to help in the fight against COVID-19. We love their innovation!


MedHero Urgent Care

MedHero is a multispecialty urgent care practice that is rapidly expanding as the need for health facilities increases, whether that need is COVID related or otherwise. These front-line workers have implemented precautions that reserve patients’ spots to reduce waiting room transmission and have even begun utilizing telemedicine to get patients aided more rapidly while maintaining the safety of others. As MedHero expands, we are working to create signs that advertise their new locations’ launch. A beautiful sign can often be the difference between a professional, high authority business front, and a business that potential clients turn away from.

Starfish Signs’ Work During This Time

As always, Starfish Signs is proud to leverage our partnerships with local businesses to ensure that all their signage needs are met. Whether organizations need monuments to house their digital signage or they need digital whiteboards installed to ensure they can keep up with the latest moves in their industry, Starfish Signs is working to adjust our service model to ensure all clients’ needs are met during this complicated time!

Custom Banners

Especially during COVID-19, it has become increasingly necessary to advertise business changes to consumers. Businesses need to let their clients know that they have new hours, that they have adjusted their offerings, or that new services are coming soon.

Our banners are constructed from durable materials (typically vinyl or polyester) and will provide your business with the professional image you need, whether that image is a temporary adjustment, or a permanent advertisement of services. Such signs are high impact, quick, and affordable and we have adjusted our print model to ensure that these temporary signs go out to clients as quickly as possible during this time.

Custom Vehicle Graphics

Earlier, we mentioned the impressive and innovative work that Drift is doing to assist their community during COVID-19. We are proud to have been able to assist Drift in their mission by creating vehicle graphics that advertise their work.

Messages on a vehicle wrap have a 97% impact rate, making them one of the most noticed forms of advertisement on the market. The more your community knows about you, the more they will be able to take advantage of your services–raising brand awareness to highlight your authority and thereby your company’s overall image.

Custom Acrylic Barriers

Acrylic barriers, where needed, provide vital protection to customers and employees. Otherwise known as plexiglass, these sneeze guards are helping to keep our community safe during this time. As such, we are proud to provide them to local businesses.

We can customize the fit of acrylic barriers to the surface areas in which you need them. Your employees will feel their safety is valued as they work behind this clear protective barrier, which can be easily wiped down to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 related particles. Protect your employees while remaining open to serve your community with acrylic barriers.

Custom Floor Graphics

By now, we have all seen floor graphics in play. Whether it is a basic line showing customers how far apart to stand at the checkout or a more elaborate system of signs indicating directions down a supermarket aisle, these graphics are pulling far more than their weight in helping people adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Since floor graphics attach to all types of substrates–tile, rough cement, and carpeting–such graphics can be useful in an indoor or outdoor setting. Starfish Signs is here to support you through this entire process, from envisioning your design, to printing on durable vinyl, to installing your floor graphics cleanly and evenly on your surface of choice.

Starfish Signs Is Here to Meet Your Needs During This Time

Starfish Signs loves building new architectural signs for your commercial and retail locations. As with our other community partners, we have shifted some of our business focus to ensure that we are best meeting the needs of clients during this otherwise challenging time. With that in mind, we are here to provide whatever our customers need–every type of temporary and permanent signage. We’re here to help you through your temporary needs now and we’ll still be here to help you when this pandemic is over and we shift our focus to more permanent options.