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San Clemente Signage Process & Regulations

At Starfish Signs & Graphics, we help our customers:  Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results.  And when it comes to running a business in this beach city of San Clemente, it is essential to be noticed.  Whether your customers are walking or driving by your location, a professional well-designed sign invites them to enter.   Signs are important for identifying a business or property; you see them on buildings, fences, windows, cars, flags and much more.  In San Clemente, each building sign must meet the City’s Codes which have limits regarding sizes, colors, styles, materials, and placement.  While the process of approval is not as easy as making a large banner and placing on the wall, it does not need to be difficult or painful.  And for the record, even temporary banners must be permitted before going being displayed! At Starfish Signs & Graphics we have an extensive knowledge on the City’s sign regulations, and we can help to ensure that your signs are fully compliant.

Starfish Signs asked Cliff Jones, Associate Planner of San Clemente, for some advice regarding signs and sign permits.  Here is what Cliff had to say regarding the downtown center of San Clemente:

Downtown looks great!  Downtown is the symbolic center or ‘heart’ of the City providing community and tourist-serving retail commercial, entertainment, restaurant, offices, art and cultural facilities, and public uses. Downtown’s tree lined streets, plazas, and seating areas encourage pedestrian activity, particularly along Avenida Del Mar and the El Camino Real intersection, providing a wonderful shopping and dining experience.  Building signage is a component that adds to the experience and attractiveness of our Downtown.  We encourage business owners and property owners to work with City staff to ensure that your signs not only look good but comply with City requirements.  We are here to help.

And at Starfish Signs, we are also here to help.  Some things to consider before building or displaying a sign in San Clemente are:  the purpose and intent of the sign, the general sign standards (materials of construction, method of attachment, design style), and the maximum height / width / area of the sign, all of which may vary depending on the specific location and even the building within the City.

Tina & Vinces (1)

Tina & Vince’s Italian Deli located in Downtown San Clemente

Some signs are intended to be temporary (such as a grand opening banner).  Other signs are intended to be portable (such as an A-frame or outdoor menu board).  Some signs are permanent, and will be affixed to the building and/or to a monument.  All of these signs will require a permit, but the type of permit and the amount of detail that is needed varies with each type.

You can find the sign regulations in Chapter 17.84 of the San Clemente Municipal Code.

It is important that you observe the city’s signage codes and take the proper actions before you create and display a sign for your company or business. The consequences of neglecting the proper process can result in costly modifications and fines.

While it helps to have an expert assist you with your sign permit (and in fact with your signs!), the process need not be cumbersome or time-consuming.  Properly prepared sign permit applications are often approved on the same day as they are submitted.

Click Here for the San Clemente Sign Permit Application.

The City of San Clemente also offers Grants for Commercial Rehabilitation which are limited to improvements to the exterior of the building and/or the correction of code violations. Funding includes small grants up to $2,000. Click here for more information about this grant.

Starfish Signs & Graphics in San Clemente can help you through the process of building signage–from obtaining permits to construction and installation. Contact Us today and see how we can help you Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results.

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