Sanblasted Signs for Hair Salons in San Clemente CA

Salon Bleu Brands with Exterior Sandblasted Sign in San Clemente CA

Located at 207 South El Camino Real, Salon Bleu is home to top stylists who transform any do from so-so to wow. In addition to the salon’s stellar customer service, the location of the Salon Bleu is convenient for pedestrians and motorists alike. When it came time to add an exterior sign that would meet the requirements set forth by the city, the management staff contacted the signage experts at Starfish Signs & Graphics.

Exterior Sandblasted Signs for San Clemente, CA, Businesses


Sanblasted Signs for Hair Salons in San Clemente CA

In an effort to preserve the small town look and feel of San Clemente, city officials have begun regulating signage for its merchants. In a charming setting, the right signage enhances the atmosphere of the area and invites shoppers to linger. For this reason, sandblasted signage is now a requirement. We worked with the signage material and masked off the areas that are to stand out.

The salon’s name, a frame around the board and a bit of subliminal artwork were masked prior to the sandblasting. These areas now stand out with a 3D effect. The backdrop features a wood grain look that is dark and allows the black subliminal design to almost disappear. The name Salon Bleu stands out with vivid blue color. We mounted the sign on an inverted “L” shaped post where it now hangs like a shingle, which is quite reminiscent of old European business signs.

Setting the Stage for Customer Experiences with Your Signs

Exterior Sandblasted Sign for San Clemente CA

Our professionals work with numerous business owners in the San Clemente area. We help them to display signage that is in keeping with the official requirements and succeeds at marketing and branding their venues. Doing so has resulted in a positive change with respect to the shopping experiences of those living in the area or visiting.

  • Small town feel. The absence of channel letters and box cabinet signs changes the commercial appeal to one that favors smaller stores and service businesses. It creates a closeness of the business community that mimics the look you would expect in an old-world village.
  • Fitting in with the local vibe. Beach cities frequently feature buildings with Spanish Colonial architecture and associated building style. In fact, San Clemente is known as the “Spanish Village by the Sea.” It makes sense for signs to pick up on those architectural looks and accentuate them.
  • Expressing the unique nature of the store. When there are no big box stores or franchises that demand big city signage, highlighting the unique character of a commercial establishment generates interest in consumers. This results in more foot traffic and provides you with the opportunity to turn more shoppers into buyers.

Ordering Your Exterior Signs in San Clemente, CA

Contact our signage experts to set up a client consultation. We visit with you or your management staff to discuss the use of style elements and demonstrate how a sandblasted sign can depict them perfectly. We work with you on the look of the logo, any decorative touches you like to add to your signs and integrate the colors you prefer.

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