SC Baseball Sign Project from Signs from Starfish Signs and Graphics in Orange County

Restoration of Classic Signs

Many businesses have been around for a few years and have great original signage that they have had since they opened their doors. Unfortunately while a business may be growing, the signage that once looked so good can succumb to years of exposure to sunlight, salt air, wind and rain.


Years of use can leave a sign in a degraded condition that detracts, rather than adds, to the value of a business. However, just because the sign has seen better days does not mean that it cannot be salvaged! The team at Starfish Signs and Graphics specializes in restoring and/or replacing old signage in a way that returns business signage to its former glory.

Recently, we worked with the San Clemente Little League to replace a large sign that had been in use for over 15 years. The sign was a vinyl graphic mounted on aluminum and had seen so many years of sunlight exposure and salt air that the graphic had completely changed color and the vinyl had cracked. None of the original artwork existed in a workable graphics file, so we had to recreate the vector graphics of the original artwork. We were able to restore the sign to its brand-new condition and know that the San Clemente Little League baseball team will have a great sign to enjoy for years to come.


del_mar_clockAnother example of how an old sign can have a second life is the Del Mar Watch & Clock sign. This sandblasted wood sign had a front seat to years of tough sunlight and salt air, being located just a short walk from the beach. The paint had faded significantly and needed some serious attention and care to bring it back to its original condition. We removed the old, faded paint and then primed and painted the sign, filling in cracks and chips along the way.


Sometimes, as much as you would like to save an original sign, it’s just not possible or economical to recondition the existing structure. However, you can recreate the sign as close to the original as possible and learn from the original to make the replacement that much better. For example, Mariners Village HOA in Dana Point had a monument sign marking its entrance for many years. This wooden sign was falling apart from rot and decay and we quickly determined that a new sign and foundation were needed. Our designers worked closely with the HOA to create a sign that used elements of the original sign but also reflected the community’s current vision and vitality. mariners_villageWe created a sandblasted wood sign with a hand-painted logo and mounted it with a more durable foundation, giving the residents at Mariners Village a monument sign that reflects their history, while providing a brand new entrance sign.


No matter what condition your sign is in, contact the professionals at Starfish Signs and Graphics to see how we can bring back the life to your business signage. We have a variety of methods and tools at our disposal to restore your signage and we are able to think outside the box to accommodate your sign requirements and budget. Getting your sign restored with us will give you a competitive edge and allow your business to Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results.