Corporate Event Signage San Clemente CA

Putting Your “Event” First with Event Signs and Graphics

When your company or organization invests in event signs and graphics for San Clemente, CA, venues, you succeed in drawing attention to the occasion. Doing so is crucial when the event is targeted to the local consumer, and you hope to generate plenty of interest and attendance. Even if the event already has confirmed the presence of local and incoming guests, remember that the signage fulfills the dual purpose of branding your business and marketing your products or services in the process. What are your options?

Chamber of Commerce Welcomes with a Banner

Corporate Event Displays San Clemente CA

Covering a structure with a banner is an excellent method for combining wayfinding functions with a display of sponsor names and logos. The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce did just that when welcoming attendees to the Action Sports & Beach Lifestyle Expo. We manufactured the banner from sturdy vinyl and displayed the welcoming message with white lettering against a black backdrop. The sponsors’ names show as lettering and logo graphics against a white back. The look is professional but fun. It is an ideal setup for an outdoor event.

Inspire Uses Posters and Banners to Welcome Guests

Corporate Event Signage San Clemente CA

Inspire held its 10th National Conference at the Ritz Carlton. Welcoming attendees with posters, the company displays its logo, colors and organizational details right at the onset. As guests pass through the entryway, a banner spans the side of the wall and displays the word “Welcome” alongside the information previously mentioned; this banner also shows off a little more about the tenor of this conference. Additional posters, which are perfectly sized to fit in with the hotel’s wall setups, offer more information and create buy-in.

San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce Displays a Banner Featuring the Latino Business Council

Corporate Event Banners San Clemente CA

At an outdoor event, showing off whom you know can be a useful method for registering more members. Case in point is the San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce that uses a banner to highlight its relationship with the Latino Business Council. The latter is instantly identified as an organization that takes success seriously and uses its connections to the advantage of its members. Displayed during an outdoor event, this setup is geared toward the professional who may have heard of the group but has not yet signed up.

Discussing Event Signs and Graphics in San Clemente, CA, with the Pros

Contact the professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics to learn more about the best event signage setup for your company. We help you to stand out, be noticed, and get results. Options are plentiful.

  • Banners. Select from vinyl, canvas or mesh banners. Suitable for interior as well as exterior displays, this product is the workhorse of event planners.
  • Retractable banner stands. Opt for retractable banner stands when you need interior event signage that you can move with ease. Our business clients favor this product for trade shows as well as conferences that feature meetings in different rooms at varying times. Ensuring that signage is always present is a snap with this product.
  • Hanging displays. Consider the use of double-sided displays that you might hang from the ceiling. They are ideal for the identification of sign-in tables, information kiosks and meeting places.

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