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Pool Sign Ideas: Ways to Make Your Pool Cooler (And Safer)

Pools are everybody’s go-to hotspot and a quintessential part of summer checklists. But before anyone can splash and swim about, precautions have to be taken. Setting up rules is the first step to ensure a risk-free experience for your visitors. 

The best way to reinforce them is through value-filled, purposeful pool signs. They can be serious, they can be straightforward, they can be funny—but most importantly, they can be unique to you and your business! 

Got any pool sign ideas? Make the most out of them with the following considerations.

Why You Should Install Pool Signs

All public spaces need rules and regulations. If you own or manage an open pool, there’s an even higher level of responsibility. Pools may be endless excitement, but they also have more potential risks and hazards. Pool signs and reminders may just make all the difference between harmless fun and injury. 

Safety Measures

Before anyone can skinny dip or chunky dunk (only if allowed, of course!), the guests must be acquainted with basic pool rules. A message as simple as “no diving” or “no running” can change their entire experience. It’s great to have loads of splashing fun, but a little pool safety reminder won’t hurt anyone!

As Mandated by Law

Did you know that there are legal mandates in managing pools? While laws in states vary, all businesses are required to put up swimming pool signs to ensure communal safety. In fact, it’s even one of the guidelines in international settings. Make sure to check all required pool signs and protocols to avoid legal run-ins.

Health and Hygiene in the Pool Area

Managing a pool in the pandemic is no simple task. Thankfully, many experts consider pools to be safer than most places because of their chlorine and bromide treatments. But that doesn’t wash away the need for other precautions! Some pools get a bad reputation for being “dirty,” but with proper written measures, you shouldn’t have to worry about it too much.

Upgraded Aesthetics with Custom Pool Signs

Pool signage following regulations never looked great. Take it all up a notch by turning your swimming pool signs into pool decor. Whether you like them hand painted or minimalistic, the trick is to know the kind of designs you want. The most ideal way to achieve this is through having custom pool signs perfect for your space.

Plus, you’re observing proper protocols while making the place extra special. What’s not to love?

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Important Pool Sign Ideas to Consider

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for the basics or putting up funny pool signs. The important thing is having a wide, clear range of pool sign ideas—from quick reminders like pool hours, to more bizarre ones like a diarrhea notice. (Though you might be surprised to know that this sign is actually required in states like California!)

Fundamental Pool Rules

  • Rules and regulations. This serves as a summary of just about everything, from operating hours to safety hazards. Guests need to be informed of your establishment’s rules as early as possible. Having it by the entrance, or in any other common space (such as by the changing rooms) is ideal.
  • Pool hours. Visitors need to be mindful of this so that they can maximize their fun time. Make your open hours clear by hanging a custom pool hours sign.
  • Water depth. Use clear markers stating the depth of a pool. Some guests—especially children—may not be advised to swim in deeper waters.
  • Age and height restrictions. Avoid serious danger by reminding visitors that some areas require certain conditions to be met. In most states, children under 14-years-old have to be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Food and drink restrictions. Eating and drinking are usually prohibited within pools to avoid littering. There are often designated areas for this, so don’t forget to remind your guests.
  • “No littering” signs. Keep your area clean and safe by reminding guests to leave trash in designated areas. This also helps avoid danger hazards in the pool, such as glasses and sharp objects.
  • Equipment signs. If your pool offers towels, goggles, life jackets, or inflatable floaters for kids, you better let your guests know! Putting up labels on all your pool’s available equipment lets them get the items they need.
  • Directions to the restroom. You might have heard enough horror stories about people “doing their business” in pools. Avoid these cases by emphasizing hygiene protocols, as well as putting up signs that point to the restrooms.
  • Your pool’s details and contact information. Be prepared for any situation by making your establishment and its staff accessible to visitors. Include your establishment’s contact details and address.
  • ‘911’ signs and other state emergency hotlines. According to the California Health and Safety Code for public pools and spas, ‘911’ should be no less than four inches (102 mm) for readability. You should also put other emergency numbers in case of more immediate emergencies.

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Health and Safety Swimming Pool Signs

Note that these signs are required per most state laws. Check with your city, county, or state for specific pool ordinances in your area.

  • “No diving” signs. Too many people make the mistake of treating shallow waters like a dive pool. Put these signs up in areas 6 feet deep or less to avoid injuries.
  • Wet floor warnings. Some people might be running around the pool area which may result in accidents. Remind them to be careful with wet and slippery floors. 
  • “No pushing” signs. Nothing wrong with harmless fun here and there, but pushing in pools has its own hazards. Make sure that your guests steer clear of it, especially in shallow pools.
  • “No lifeguard on duty” signs. Visitors need to be aware of unmanned or unguarded areas. In most states, it is mandatory to put up this sign. Be warned, though, that it will not always eliminate liability on your end.
  • “Adult supervision required” signs. While age and height restrictions should be strictly set, it’s unavoidable for some people to take kids in certain areas. Remind them that no child should be left unsupervised, especially in pools with deeper water levels.
  • CPR notice. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is something your visitors should know. You should have a sign showing an illustrated diagram and clear instructions, with text no smaller than 1/4 inch (6 mm) in height.
  • Pool chemicals notice. Make your guests aware of chlorine, bromide, and other chemical content. Some of them may have allergic reactions to these.
  • Maximum occupancy signage. You can’t risk an overcrowded area. Make sure your guests are comfortable with moving around by putting up pool user capacity labels. (It helps with managing social distancing, too!)
  • Health and hygiene protocols. Most states require addressing health-related issues in signages. An example of this is a “diarrhea notice,” where people who have suffered from diarrhea within the past 14 days cannot enter the pool premises.
  • COVID-specific protocols. Obviously, you cannot ask your guests to wear masks in the pool. However, you can always encourage them to practice social distancing, as well as wear masks once they’re out of the water if needed.

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Where to Put Up Your Pool Signs

Having great pool sign ideas is only half the battle, but knowing where to put them is another. Don’t let your signs go to waste by putting them in places where they’re completely unnoticeable. 

When assessing where to put your pool signs, consider the following: is it within most guests’ eyesight? Is it clear of water or any other pool decor? If the answers to both questions are “yes,” then chances are, you’ve picked good spots in your pool area.

Communal Areas

For general rules and regulations, optimize places where all visitors must go through. Entrance gates, changing rooms, and even restrooms are the most ideal areas for these long lists. By placing them here, your guests can familiarize themselves with house rules early on. 

Within Pool Vicinities

Warning signs, such as “No diving” and “No lifeguard on duty,” need to appear striking and explicit. Text in these signs should be short for quick-reading, but it should also be larger so that it easily grabs the visitor’s attention. You’ll want to put them up in an area where visitors can see them while they’re in the pool. 

You’ll also need to consider locations that are out of water range. But if that’s completely unavoidable, waterproof pool signs are your way to go.

Why Custom Pool Signs Are the Perfect Solution

Imagine going to the outdoor bar and seeing red danger marks everywhere. This is what makes signs a bit tricky: they’re needed, but they can make a space look strict and uninviting. 

But why succumb to that when you can use your pool sign ideas to turn your space into a pool party? It’s the perfect opportunity to amp up the surroundings and make guests feel safe and welcome.

Setting Specific Pool Rules for Your Visitors

You may have measures or preferences that aren’t customary for other pools. In this case, it may be difficult to look for specific signs that address your concerns. With custom pool signs, you can send out targeted messages for your visitors. (Having the freedom to make them look pretty is an added bonus!)

Choosing Your Own Theme

You may want your pool to be luau-themed, or perhaps even color-coded. If you’ve already got a theme in your space, then coming up with pool sign ideas should be easy as pie. But it might be a challenge to find specific designs in stores.

If you’re still on the fence about it—this is your sign to go for it. You might want to try cute, hand painted signs. Or maybe you want to spice up the place with clever jokes through funny pool sign ideas. You get to decide whatever floats your boat!

Consult with a designer to try out mixed-and-matched pieces that might make a perfect match for your pool. 

Adding Flair and Uniqueness to Your Pool

Some business owners tend to undermine the importance of design. But this is one of the things that will help leave a long and lasting impression on your customers. As this article from Forbes notes, “Being good-looking isn’t as superficial as it sounds.”

Remember, aesthetics can distinguish you from competitors. Custom pool signs are a good start in establishing a brand identity. You’ll want your guests to remember your space as a safe vicinity with memorable custom outdoor pool signs.

sycamore canyon pool hoursWhere to Buy Custom Pool Signs

Signage is a must for every pool party. It helps keep your customers safe and reassured, and it’s a check off the legal checklist in setting up your water grounds. But why stop there when you can have the ultimate pool glow-up? Installing custom pool signs is more personal, and they can help establish good behavior in your pool space more organically.

Bring your pool sign ideas to life with Starfish Signs. Let’s have a conversation and get started—we’d love to help make your pool as safe as possible. Happy swimming!