Now Open Banners for San Clemente CA

Now Open Vinyl Banners in San Clemente CA

Signal to prospective customers that you are open for business. Passersby have seen your storefront undergo its transformation. They have noticed your “Coming Soon” signage. Finally, you changed out the sign to display a “Grand Opening” banner. Now is the time to let folks know that you are open for business and ready to take orders. Doing so is usually a good idea after the initial wave of interest has died down a little.

The display of “Now Open” vinyl banners for San Clemente, CA, storefronts succeeds at generating a bit of a buzz again. It also ensures that those who missed your grand opening realize that you have finished the storefront renovations, are moved in and ready to go. What are your options?

The White Backdrop with Red Lettering

Now Open Banners for San Clemente CA

Quite a few of our clients like to select a white backdrop that shows off “Now Open” in red lettering. Combined with a company’s logo, this display creates an eye-catching addition for your façade. Ball Park Pizza succeeded in reeling in foot traffic with this signage selection. It stands out from the façade because of the white background. At the same time, passersby cannot help but notice the logo and lettering.

The White Backdrop with a Perfect Color Match

Now Open Vinyl Banners San Clemente CA

Bonded Cleaners & Laundry chose the white backdrop with a blue logo and name display as well as a blue stripe. The matching colors of blue and white show up in a variety of hues, which creates a visually pleasing display that catches the eye. Since it presents as a work of art, the eye naturally strays to the display and so takes in the message.

The Seasonal Display Banner

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Some business clients like to use banners seasonally just to remind customers that they are there and ready to serve them. Since the consumer is conditioned to pay attention to a banner as the vehicle via which a business might display deep discounts and temporary savings opportunities, it makes sense to choose this approach every so often. Although these signs do not say “Now Open,” they nevertheless get this point across. The Pride of the Pacific Bar & Grill is a perfect example of an excellent banner display in this category.

Discussing Your “Now Open” Vinyl Banners in San Clemente, CA, with an Expert

Contact our graphic artists to learn more about this signage product. In some cases, you may forgo the banner approach for a window poster display that addresses passersby. This is usually the case for an indoor mall setting where banners may not fit in with the overall signage selection approved by the management company.

For stores with standard exterior facades, the banner is an ideal eye-catcher. That said, you might easily consider combining it with window graphics or posters to drive home the point. If you want to tie certain sales to your “Now Open” message, consider the commission of a larger banner that gives you plenty of space to spell out the deals. Contact us today to learn more about your product and size options.

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