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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Brand

This time of year, so many people are thinking about personal resolutions for the upcoming year—go to the gym, get organized, eat healthier, quit smoking…the list can go on and on. But do you ever think of the new year as the opportunity to make a positive change for your business? Here are some ideas for 2017 for a New Year’s Resolution for your brand.

Update your Building Signage—

How long has it been since you updated the signage in your building? Everything from your sign out front to your lobby sign to your wayfinding signage makes an impression on your current clients and on your prospective clients. What type of impression you make is up to you. This new year, resolve to update your building signage to help show your clients and prospects that you’re ready for 2017 and beyond.

Save Money and Energy by Retrofitting your Illuminated Sign with LEDs—

Do you ever stop to think about the money that it costs for you to illuminate your building or monument signs? Most older signs are illuminated with either fluorescent or neon lighting. Both of those options cost dramatically more in energy than LED lighting and have a larger carbon foot print. The savings is so significant that your upgrade will pay for itself in 5 years. Plus, if you factor in maintenance savings on your difficult-to-access signs, the LED retrofit will actually pay for itself in 2 or 3 years. Save money and energy in 2017 with an LED retrofit—it’s a win-win.

Bring your Lobby to Life with a Wall Graphic—

The new year is a great time to think about customizing your lobby in an exciting and cost-effective way. No, we’re not talking about a new coat of paint. Think outside the box with a custom lobby wall graphic, whether you want to send a literal message with some text graphics, showcase your ethos with some graphics related to what you do, or make a statement with a large graphic of your own company brand. Whatever you choose, remember that when people come into your office, your lobby is their first chance to form an impression, so don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

Take your Brand to the Streets with a Vehicle Wrap or Graphics—

Get your brand and your message out there at a fraction of the cost of a billboard this new year. Studies have shown that a vehicle wrap or graphic can get as many as 3,000 impressions per hour on a busy road. At Starfish Signs, we can help you be creative with the application of your brand to the wrap to make sure it looks interesting enough to grab the attention of people who see the vehicle.

Whether one of these ideas has inspired you, or if you have other signage and graphic needs for 2017, Starfish Signs is eager to work with you. And even if you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for, our experts can talk to you and help you figure out the best signage and graphics solutions for your company. We don’t just design and fabricate signs – we help your business Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results. View our portfolio to see some of our work, or contact us for more information.