Exterior Building Signs for Talega Business Park

New Logo Building Sign for Morrow Management in San Clemente!

Located at 1225 Puerta del Sol in San Clemente, Morrow Management is a consulting agency that specializes in dry utilities. In business since 2001, the company is now in the process of moving its offices into Talega, which was just recently annexed to San Clemente. When it came time to consider the addition of building signs for Talega, CA, the company’s management team contacted the professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics.

Talega Business Park Signage

Exterior Logo Building Signs San Clemente CA

We took their logo…

We discussed the signage strategy with the company’s management team. Since it is setting up shop in the Talega Business Park, the exterior logo building sign had to suit the atmosphere of the area while standing out with the marketing and branding elements that Morrow Management has chosen.

Exterior Building Signs for Talega Business Park

..And turned it into an eye-grabbing exterior building sign!

We created a physical sign from the company’s logo, which adheres perfectly to the property management company’s sign specifications. It completely represents the company with blue name identification and a white niche explanation. This color combination mimics the look of the company’s name on its website.

During the manufacturing process, we chose a backdrop design that underscores the building’s Spanish architectural style elements. It now perfectly fits into the business park and harmonizes with the nearby housing community. The latter was crucial since the City of San Clemente is very conscientious of presenting a harmonious relationship between its residential building styles and business signage displays.

Choosing Your Building Signage

There are plenty of options for the ideal building signage.

  • Box cabinet. The box cabinet is a versatile selection that comes in lit and unlit versions. Shape it into a likeness of your logo or select a geometric shape that suits the façade. We use a vinyl overlay to present your company’s name.
  • Channel letters. Imitate the look of your company name’s chosen font with the use of internally lit (or unlit) channel letters. Mounted directly to your building’s façade or to a raceway, they are ideally suited to identifying your location.
  • Dimensional letters. Lettering made from signage foam, acrylic or aluminum works well in all settings. Use façade lighting to illuminate the lettering after dark.
  • Aluminum panel. A metal panel is ideal for identifying your business on a larger scale. Manufactured to support a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay, install the product horizontally or vertically on your façade.
  • Routed or sandblasted panels. A routed or sandblasted panel supports the city’s small town vibe. It adds an artistic element to your company sign.

Ordering Exterior Building Signs in San Clemente, CA

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your signage needs. When you are doing business in a location where signage requirements are strict, our technicians are well versed at helping you find just the product and look to fit right in. This cuts own on the length of the approval process and ensures that your marker is in place when you need it there.

Moreover, we work with multiple materials and manufacturing methods. This level of versatility allows us to bring out your branding and marketing messages to their fullest without running afoul the signage rules that are in place. Doing so is of particular importance when you are just starting out at a new location in San Clemente or are rebranding an existing company. Call us today to discuss your options.

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