Starfish Product Roll-Out: Making Use of Multiple Materials for Crean Lutheran High School Monument Sign


This month, we built and installed a monument sign for Crean Lutheran High School, a new school in Irvine, California. The school’s general contractor, Design Space Modular Buildings, came to us in need of a monument sign that matched the design style of the school itself, and helped welcome visitors and attract prospective families. We are very excited about the result.

The sign is double sided, and is 8 feet tall and 14 feet wide. It was constructed with a masonry base supporting a fabricated aluminum cabinet that houses two large LED display screens. The chief purpose of any monument sign is to help give information to people passing by, and LED screens are a great solution to this challenge. LED signs are much easier to update than the old-fashioned school monument signs that must be painstakingly adjusted one letter at a time. And more importantly, the LED display allow the sign to cycle through information. Crean Lutheran High School plans to use their sign to share customized seasonal and daily messages.

Besides the LED screens, the monument sign also has permanent lettering displaying the name of the school, as well as its address, and the large cross that represents the school’s Lutheran affiliation. We custom-fabricated all the lettering for the monument. The letters at the top of the sign are halo-illuminated letters with a brushed aluminum finish. The halo-illumination allows the sign to be seen day or night, and it adds a sophisticated look. The letters of the school’s address, found at the bottom of the sign, are flat cut aluminum, also with a brushed aluminum finish.

Between the LED screens and the halo-illuminated lettering, this double-sided sign will help make the entrance to the school readily visible any time of day, and no matter what direction the passers-by are traveling.

Monument signs are a great branding vehicle.  Done correctly, they convey permanence, quality, professionalism, and design style.  If you are interested in learning more about a custom monument sign for your business or organization, or you are interested in learning about the other custom signage and graphics solutions we can offer, contact us to learn more.