Pool Safety Signage

Minimize Risk with Proper Pool Signage

Water Safety SignsWherever there is water, there should be signs to promote policies and safety. Although laws can vary regarding the requirements of pool signs, it’s a largely universal expectation that some sort of signage must be posted. Starfish Signs wants the best for our clients, and sometimes that means minimizing the risk of harmful incidents at your place of business or residential community. Use this handy article on proper pool signage to ensure that everyone stays safe and happy this summer!

Raise Safety Awareness with Emergency Signage

Although we certainly hope you never experience an emergency in your pool, you will want to ensure that you have taken all necessary precautions in the event of an emergency. The signs discussed below should be displayed in prominent locations within your pool area.

Be Proactive with Water Safety Rules

Water Safety Signs

Ideally, this sign will be made of waterproof materials to ensure that water does not hamper your guests’ ability to read the rules. Some rules to consider adding to your custom sign might be:

  • Shower prior to entering the water.
  • Accompany all children under a specific age.
  • Keep food or beverages away from the pool area.
  • Keep all glass away from the pool.
  • Do not touch the pool filter.
  • Do not drink the pool water.

Offer Safety Reminders at the Spa

If you have a hot tub at your pool, you will need appropriate signage. You will also want to make guests aware of any risks to safety or health hazards and remind them about proper hygiene practices.

In California, for example, you will need a sign warning guests of the following:

  • Elderly persons, pregnant women, infants, and those with health conditions requiring medical care should consult with a physician before entering the spa.
  • Unsupervised use by children under the age of fourteen is prohibited.
  • Hot water immersion while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs, or medicines may lead to serious consequences and is not recommended.
  • Do not use alone.
  • Long exposure may result in hyperthermia, nausea, dizziness, or fainting.

No Diving Signs

Although there are a variety of water safety rules to which swimmers must adhere, one particular sign can minimize serious injury. That is the sign that mandates “no diving” within your pool. Often, these signs exist to ensure that smaller swimmers do not dive into shallow ends of the pool. Additionally, you would not want divers jumping in from any location in the pool and potentially injuring an unsuspecting fellow swimmer. These signs should be posted within view of those in and near the pool.

No Lifeguard Available Signs

You will certainly want those in your pool to be warned when there is no lifeguard on duty. In fact, in California, it is required to post such a sign along with a warning informing parents that all children under the age of fourteen must be with their parents at all times.

911 Information

It is essential that there be a sign with information about how to contact authorities in the event of an emergency. For this sign, and in fact, for all signs, the proper materials should be selected to minimize fading and UV damage. The proper choice of materials will ensure that the information on your sign is always visible and ready to be used by those who need it most.

CPR Notice with Illustrated Diagram

Required in most counties in California, you will need a sign depicting the steps to perform artificial respiration and CPR. Be sure to include an illustrated diagram with text at least one-quarter inch high to ensure this information is readily available should it be needed.

COVID-19 and Swimming Pool Signage

The CDC has implemented a number of swimming pool warnings to contribute to swimmer safety this summer. Starfish Signs highly recommends displaying these health guidelines in signage around your pool to minimize the risk that anyone swimming at your pool will contract coronavirus.

Hand Hygiene Signs

It is critical to encourage all staff and swimmers to wash their hands often, as well as properly cover coughs and sneezes. You should post signs with these warnings, as well as bathroom signs that illustrate proper handwashing techniques.

Face Coverings

Although you can’t ask swimmers to wear face masks in the water, you do want to ask them to wear masks while they use common areas. Most pools do not contain enough room to promote six feet of social distance outside of the water, which makes face coverings even more important. Signage asking swimmers to wear masks outside the water could prove helpful.

Staying Home

Educate your staff and patrons by posting a sign about when to stay home. This sign should be posted near the entrance to your pool and ask users to stay home if they:

  • Have symptoms of COVID-19
  • Have tested positive for COVID-19
  • Have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last two weeks

Cleaning Instructions

Although your staff has likely been trained on cleaning procedures in the past, you will want to post reminders of the new, more rigorous cleaning and disinfecting policies that should be adopted in light of COVID-19. The CDC recommends that shared surfaces be disinfected between users. Be sure to purchase signs that label the cleaning procedures, along with signs that indicate which shared items (towels, chairs, etc) have been disinfected and which have not.

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Water Safety Signs

Anywhere there is a pool, there should be informative signs that promote safety and hygiene. Such signs can save lives and minimize your liability. Contact Starfish Signs for quickly printed, expertly designed signs that will enhance the look of your pool while promoting the safety of its visitors.