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Making Your Marketing Signs Fun to Entice Customers!

Between all our discussions about building signs, lobby markers and vinyl window graphics, there is an aspect of signage that is getting lost: fun. Signs can be a lot of fun. They can communicate your branding and marketing messages without having to be serious “buy me” or “check this out” communications. In fact, making signage fun for retailers in San Clemente, CA, is something that our graphic artists love to do!

The Three Dog Bakery Leads the Way

Marketing Signs and Graphics San Clemente CA

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Not too long ago, we did some seasonal window graphics for the Three Dog Bakery. This business makes baked dog treats with a twist. The graphics we did for the company underscored the lighthearted attitude of the business as well as the fun characteristic of a dog bakery.

We also did another sign job for the business that brings home the point. You are doubtlessly familiar with the standard corn hole game. Also known as the bean bag toss, this game underwent a transformation for the Three Dog Bakery. Taking two pieces of wood, the hole is now the muzzle of a dog. Reading, “Toss me a Bone,” this game encourages a friendly competition among shoppers. Marketing signs like this are an asset to the company and also help to brand in the process.

What Fun Signs are You Missing?

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Ideas for fun marketing signs in San Clemente CA

With the versatility of vinyl wraps now being available for a broad range of products, you can transform multiple surfaces in your retail establishment into fun but effective displays.

  • Chill chests. Whether it is a bottle display, partial fridge or refrigerated section, relying on vinyl wraps can turn the typical chrome and plastic exteriors into an exciting display. Choose niche-specific imagery for best results.
  • Interactive games. A corn hole game is just one idea. A floor graphic in the form of a tic-tac-toe game is another. Invite shoppers to play a round or two. Make their experiences entertaining to encourage repeat visits and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Walls. Transforming wall surfaces from single-color displays into entertaining backdrops to your products makes sense. It creates a surrounding that is big on enjoyment, which is attractive in today’s bottom-line-oriented retail environment.

Ordering Fun Signs for San Clemente, CA, Retail Stores

Contact our experts at Starfish Signs & Graphics to discuss a transformation of your retail space. Even when you have all of your must-have signage products in order, it is never a bad time to consider ways to make the experience more enjoyable for the consumer. Transforming shoppers into buyers sometimes takes as little effort as presenting them with visually pleasing graphics and a bit of whimsy on the side.

On a side note, consider how you might take this signage product outside. Floor graphics and customized A-frame designs make it possible to create products that are right outside your storefront. They entice shoppers to step closer and see what your business is doing. Seeing that this will set you apart from the competition, you are sure to reel in some foot traffic from this activity. Call us today to discuss your options and start your order.

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