Exterior Signage Sign from Starfish Signs & Graphics

What Makes a Quality Sign

Whether you have a new or existing business, you don’t have to shop for signage very frequently. And as you will quickly discover, there is an almost endless variety of sign types, not to mention an equally long list of sign companies marketing their services to you. So when you do need a new sign, it can be a challenge to understand where to start and what to look for. And while we all understand the concept of value, comparing different options can be difficult, because of the wide variety of materials and techniques that may be specified.

To help you understand what to look for in a custom sign, it is important to understand the critical elements impacting quality design, fabrication and installation.


The starting point for excellent signage is excellent design. You have worked hard to create and build your brand, and you want it to be represented in a way that conveys the professionalism, quality and customer service that your business delivers. Mass-produced or hastily manufactured signs will not have the fit and finish that are needed in a quality sign. This also includes considerations such as exactly matching the color of the sign to the correct color for your company’s brand, using a typeface that is legible, and arranging all of the design elements in a manner that works well for the given space. Any mistakes, imperfections or inconsistencies, or in fact anything that catches the eye of the customer for a negative reason detracts from the message of the brand.

Fits the Space or the Medium

Every business is different in the type of physical space it occupies. A good signage matches not just the company, but it fits the space. A massive illuminated sign on a small store doesn’t work well, nor does a tiny window graphic on a business in a shopping plaza. Further, the building owner, property manager, or City Planning Department all often have detailed requirements specifying the maximum height, width and overall square footage of allowed signs. High quality signage will of course be compliant, but it will also optimize the space to increase a business’s visibility and accentuate their brand and visibility without looking out of place in the context of the setting.


There is no one universal material for signs. In fact, a high-quality sign can be made out of nearly any material imaginable. The list includes materials like brushed aluminum, stainless steel, stone, reclaimed wood, brick, acrylic, and even glass. True custom sign manufacturers are able to accommodate a very broad palette of materials and finishes.

Custom, Hand-Crafted Signage

You have worked hard to build a brand that distinguishes you from all of your competitors. Your signs should reflect that uniqueness. High quality signs are truly custom – they don’t recycle designs that you are likely to encounter in other locations. A high-quality sign can be made in any shape or size, it can have depth, texture and different types of lighting, and it will perfectly match the ethos of your company. Lower-quality signs, on the other hand, will be restricted in some of the detail and personalization capabilities that are necessary and useful to making your business stand out.


Similar to customization, a memorable sign will stand out, and it will not look like every other sign out there. Obviously, depending on your business model, you may not want to stray too far from the conventions of your industry. (A flashing marquee sign for a law firm, for instance, might not be the best look.) But the idea behind a notable sign is that your sign shouldn’t blend in with every other sign in your industry. Your company’s logo and brand are designed to make your organization memorable for clients and prospective clients, and your sign should be an extension of this same principle.

At Starfish Signs and Graphics, we design and build high-quality, fully-custom signage solutions to help businesses distinguish themselves both in visually crowded business districts, and metaphorically crowded business landscapes. Whether you have the exact sign design in mind or you have no idea what you are looking for, our team of experts can walk you through your options and create the perfect design for you. We then manufacture nearly every portion of the sign in-house at our workspace in San Clemente (bringing in specialty craftsmen for unique jobs as needed). Start the process of taking your business’s signage to the next level today. Contact one of our design team members to begin.