Starfish Signs Commitment to the Community

Laura Reilly of Starfish Signs Receives Blue Badge From Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club!

You already know Starfish Signs & Graphics as the dependable signage company that supports your marketing and branding needs with effective products. Yet every once in a while, we like to take you behind the scenes. Case in point is our very own Laura Reilly, who recently received the blue badge from the Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club. Although she joined the organization a while back, the official induction took place on September 23.

The Honor of a Blue Badge

Laura Reilly Receive Rotary Club Blue Badge

The presentation of the blue badge signifies Reilly’s dedication to community service projects, which is evident by her completion of seven different tasks. Options the organization recognizes include public speaking engagements, volunteer work, hands-on community service and the visit to related clubs. Rotarians value the opportunity to serve society with all possible means, which is a philosophy that Reilly and Starfish Signs embrace.

Starfish Signs Commitment to the Community

For example, did you know that we work with local non-profit organizations and schools? We donated a box truck wrap design, manufacture and installation to Family Assistance Ministries as part of our work with this group. The group focuses its assistance on Orange County’s poor who need food and shelter. They also provide support and personal assistance to those with nowhere else to turn.

Truck Graphics for Family Assistance Ministries

We also work with Las Palmas Elementary and Our Lady of Fatima School. Signage is a huge need for special events, fundraisers and other occasions yet the cost prevents these groups from getting the topnotch products they deserve. This is where Reilly and Starfish Signs have the privilege of stepping in and helping out.

Our Commitment to the Community

Decals for the Las Palmas Jog a Thom

Although earning the blue badge of the Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club is a huge honor that Reilly deeply treasures, it is only a part of her dedication to those less fortunate. Deciding early on that the formation of a successful business calls for a consistent and tireless involvement in the local community that so graciously welcomed Starfish Signs, the outreach to organizations and participation in service projects continues. If anything, the vision that the Rotarians have inspired in Reilly will likely result in an expansion of our community involvement.

For example, one of the avenues of service championed by the organization is an international service project that seeks to take volunteering onto a worldwide stage. Youth service opportunities provide local ways for members to strengthen the next generation by fostering leadership development programs and participating in already existing projects that make a difference in the lives of children and teens. Reilly and Starfish Signs look forward to taking on these challenges and turning them into opportunities of service.

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