Laura Reilly of Starfish Signs

Laura Reilly of Starfish Signs a 2015 Women in Business Nominee!

Starfish Signs & Graphics uses the motto, “Stand out. Be noticed. Get results.” It would be impossible to have a challenging motto such as this one without having the backing of hard-working and visionary leaders at the helm. Our founder, Laura Reilly, is such a leader.

Laura Reilly nominated for OC Business Woman of the Year

Recently she was nominated for the “Women in Business” award. What are business community members seeing in Reilly that makes her stand out? For starters, it is her vision for growth. When she founded Starfish three years ago, she took a concept and turned it into quality-based brand that clients now recognize as being a leader in its niche.

It would be fair to call it a business success if we were to stop right there. Reilly did not. Instead, she envisioned her company to become more than a financially profitable business that provides excellent customer service and has built a loyal consumer base of more than 700 clients. In addition to growing rapidly, Reilly has turned Starfish into a company that places an emphasis on people, embraces the community and champions environmental sustainability.

Since its founding, Starfish has won industry awards that recognized the superior quality of the products the company provides to consumers. In addition, the business earned the trust of a broad range of clients. Multi-national corporations, regional companies and small business owners alike have placed their trust in Reilly’s expertise and vision.

Laura Reilly of Starfish Signs

In addition to running a company, Reilly makes the time to be involved in the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO-OC), which greatly enhances her vision for the company and its future. The mentoring she has received is invaluable, and it is fair to say that it has shaped her thought processes in the business world.

People frequently ask Reilly what is going to come next. Although it is tempting to make speculations and dream big, she emphasizes that after founding Starfish and putting together an excellent team of dedicated professionals to serve its customers, the business now requires the hands-on care that allows it to thrive and grow at a steady pace. Recognizing that growth consists of a steady upward movement rather than an erratic pace, Reilly focuses on customer satisfaction as the driving force for the company’s future success. The team at Starfish Signs could not be happier about her being a 2015 Women in Business Nominee for Orange County!

Stay tuned to find out what is next for Starfish. Loyal readers of this blog regularly catch a glimpse of what we do, how we do it and how our clients benefit from the products we provide for them.