Reception Area signs Laguna Beach CA

Kimball Orthodontics’ Logo Lobby Sign Invites and Welcomes Patients

Located at 620 Glenneyre in Laguna Beach, Kimball Orthodontics caters to adults and children in need of treatment. The professionals offer a broad range of treatment options that suit their patients. Examples include the Damon System as well as Invisalign and surgical orthodontics. When it came time to outfit this office with one of the lobby signs for doctor’s offices in Laguna Beach, CA, Kimball Orthodontics’ management team contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Where Whimsy Meets Functionality

Logo Lobby Signs Laguna Beach CA

Logo lobby signs a popular choice in Laguna Beach

Kimball Orthodontics needed a lobby sign that stood out, would be noticed and differentiated the office from others in the field. Could our technicians accomplish this feat? You bet! We worked with the graphics the company had chosen for its website. They display sailboats and lettering.

Our graphic artists used one-quarter-inch thick white acrylic to create the three-dimensional signage. The backgrounds for the boats are actually digitally printed graphics. The dimensional boats are then flush-mounted to the background panel, which we attached above the lettering. The lettering itself is acrylic with a painted satin finish; next, we flush-mounted the letters to the wall. The resulting marker is unusual, eye-catching and memorable.

Adding Artistry to the Foyer

Reception Area signs Laguna Beach CA

Dress up your reception area!

There used to be a time when the typical lobby sign was little more than a functional rendition of the company’s name and logo. This time is now in the past. More and more companies are looking for ways to reinvent themselves and brand their attitudes as well as business approaches with the help of the signage that identifies the location. Our technicians have worked with countless company representatives who are looking for “something different.”

Adding artistry to the mix is the solution. How could this work for your business?

  • Material selection. Change things up by using different materials. Do not be afraid to mix and match them. For example, Kimball Orthodontics combined acrylic with paint and vinyl overlays. You have the option to take a page from this business’ playbook or try something completely different. Why not select acrylic boards and metal letters, foam lettering and vinyl overlays, or see what the combination of metal and glass will do for your office’s look?
  • Colorful is in. Gone are the days when the sign would have to be in just one color. Modern lobby signs are colorful. Since companies now spend a lot of time with online marketing, it makes sense to select the colors from your website as inspiration. Not only does this look provide you with an updated appearance but it also makes it easy for those who know your business only from the Internet to feel right at home.
  • Create ambiance. Rather than just using the signage components as identifying elements, integrate them into your office’s overall look and feel. Colors, textures, material selections and even mounting techniques can make a huge difference.

When you are ready to order lobby signs for Laguna Beach, CA, or for offices in any of the surrounding cities, contact our graphic artists. We look forward to working with you on the look that perfectly communicates who you are and what your company is all about.

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