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Give Your Patients Patience with Waiting Room Signs

Owning a private healthcare practice, whether medical or dental, presents unique challenges from other small business and requires innovative business strategies to elevate your practice above your competition. Patient perception is everything and often you may find yourself investing more in a premium products and finishes to enhance your customers’ experience.

Great signage is no exception to this principle and investing in quality signs not only adds value to your business but also reinforces the trust your patients place in your business.

wall graphic, vinyl graphic, san clemente

Most healthcare practices have some form of waiting area or reception area for their patients to have a space to wait in or sign in. These spaces routinely focus on the physical comfort of patients, but sometimes the aesthetic space is left neglected. This can really impact a patient’s experience of your business, especially if the only thing for them to do in the waiting area is to read magazines! Fortunately, there are a lot of waiting room signs that allow you to craft the exact environment that fits the culture of your practice.

Wall murals and graphics are a great way to use otherwise blank wall space and transform your waiting area into a scene from your favorite beach, a mossy-green forest or a snow-capped mountain. Wall murals are a great additional to your office because the do not occupy any volume and don’t detract from the feeling of space in your office. As an added benefit, installation is easy, even for offices where all build-out work has already been completed.

Lobby signs are another great way to present your brand and professionalism to waiting patients. Lobby signs showcase your logo and practice name and are highly customizable. You can configure them from a variety of materials in order to get just the right look and depth.

Another signage solution that adds a very distinguished look to your office is frosted vinyl, or architectural window film. Many healthcare practices have a window that separates the waiting area from the rest of the office and adding frosted window film to that window can give your patients additional privacy. You logo or a custom design can also be cut into the frosted window film, serving the dual purpose of adding privacy and giving your office environment a unique look.

Custom signage is a great additional to your office space. It allows you, the practice owner, to control the environment and the mood of your patients and directly influence how they come think of and refer your business. For any questions on what options are available for custom reception area signage or to start your sign project today, contact the team at Starfish Signs and Graphics. Our technical expertise, creativity and focus on quality will produce a sign that will enable your business to Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results.

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