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It’s a Sign: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Illuminated Signs (Now)

You can buy ads in newspapers. You can hire an advertising firm to design expensive ad campaigns on television, radio, and the internet. You can plaster your company logo on a highway billboard. You can do all of this to drive business sales and you should.

But before you do all that, you need to cover the advertising basics. You need people to know where you are and illuminated signs are the best way to do this.

Every business needs an illuminated sign, and here are the top five reasons why.

1. They’re Basic Marketing

According to a FedEx Office study, over 75% of consumers claimed to patronize a business for the first time based on the sign. This means great signage encourages walk-up business. The same study found that nearly 75% of consumers also made a recommendation based on a sign.

Think about the visual basics. When you’re driving down the highway looking for something to eat, which restaurants stand out?

While that dingy joint with a painted sign might be a hidden gem that serves delicious food, are you likely to pull into the parking lot if you don’t know about it? Or will you go to the restaurant that has a bright, welcoming sign?

Unless you’re adventurous, you’re drawn to the warm, illuminated sign. These signs grab your attention and display a sense of professionalism that makes people want to patronize your business.

2. They’re Cost-Effective

Someday, your small business might be ready to use more complex advertisement forms like newspaper ads, and radio ad buys. If you’re starting, you may not have the budget for that just yet.

That’s okay. Investment in illuminated business signs are a cheap, effective way to market your new small business.

Opening with one of these signs is a great way to let everyone in the neighborhood know you’re there and ready for business. Illuminated 24 hours a day, these signs reach as many people as possible and pull curious customers in for the first time.

A simple, one-time investment in a sharp sign provides the foot traffic and walk-up business necessary to jumpstart a new business.

3. They’re Adjustable

Your sign needs to communicate what your business is and what you’re all about. However, through the course of owning and operating a business, you may need to advertise different aspects or deals.

A modern illuminated LED sign offers an excellent, changeable advertising method. These programmable signs allow you to communicate with potential customers in a way most signs don’t allow.

You can notify potential customers of special deals. If you run a restaurant, you can communicate various food specials, drink discounts, or other reasons people want to visit. Think 25 big-screen TVs! Or 25 cent Wednesday wing night!

These signs also allow you to show your unique personality. Do you have a sense of humor? A cute phrase or joke will provide a little highway entertainment and help increase business.

Though if you’re going to attempt humor, make sure you are careful to keep it tasteful. The last thing you need from your new business sign is for it to backfire and drive business away.

No matter what you use it for, LED signs offer new avenues of communication with the public.

4. An Illuminated Sign Sets You Apart

Our economic system is based on competition. The economic model of competition means that companies who provide the same goods and services compete for business by offering better, more efficient, and cheaper products.

The quality and price of your goods and service is an important aspect. Think about it. All Italian restaurants serve pasta. If your new business is an Italian restaurant, you win customers by offering pasta dishes that taste better and are sold cheaper.

Yet, the quality of your service is not the only business stimulator. You need to find a way to set your Italian restaurant apart from the others to get people in the door to try your superior pasta.

While word of mouth and online reviews serve as a great marketing tool, the best way to quickly set yourself apart from similar businesses is an illuminated sign.

Remember, you are not just competing for customers with your product. You compete with other businesses to attract the eyes of potential customers.

No matter how good your pasta tastes, nobody will visit your restaurant if you don’t try to set your business apart from similar companies in your area.

5. Law Required

You don’t think you need a bright, outdoor sign to attract business given your location. You rented a great location in a busy business district or neighborhood main street.

If this is the case, you feel a bright LED illuminated sign is too flashy and doesn’t fit the neighborhood aesthetic. Big, bright signs might be better suited for businesses along an interstate but not you.

If you own and operate a business, OSHA requires illuminated exit signs. These exit signs must be of a distinct color and must be posted at every exit route in your business.

Many commercial rental properties are already equipped with exit signs, though some are not. Make sure you purchase the properly illuminated exit signs before you open for business.

Illuminated Signs are Game Changers

As a business owner, you need need to advertise. Some advertising can be too expensive for a new, fledgling business. These ad-buys might be out of the question as you open your doors.

One of the primary and most effective ways to advertise is with illuminated signs. Let people know what you’re all about.

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