Impacts of Colors

Did you know that colors have personalities?  Have you thought about how the colors in your building and lobby signs and graphics influence your customers’ perceptions of you, and influence their buying decisions?  Take a look at the color chart shown below, and then let’s talk further about specific business types.

What Color is Right for Your Logo

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Take a look at the many brands at the bottom of each color bar and see if the words above describe those brands. You will notice that many of the logos will reflect at least one or more of those words. Now take a look at your business brand. What colors are used for your business brand? Do the colors describe your type of business according to the chart?

You can see in the following images below how businesses have selected certain colors to represent what they do.

safepark, vehicle wrap, laguna hills

SafePark business has chosen the color Green to represent that they do things with nature and the outdoors. Green is a great way to advertise a business that uses green products that are good for the environment. Green is a good color to use to make your business stand out in a crowd. To add to the Green color on this van there are images to show more as to what this business actually does.


van wrap, vehicle wrap, vehicle graphics, san clemente, ca This business is a food business that sells fruit arrangements. The front of the truck is red, this is a good choice for a natural food color that can represent a variety of fruits such as cherries, strawberries, and watermelon. The image on the van adds to the color showing the actual fruit arrangements to be sold. The combination of the color and the image are a great way to advertise on a vehicle wrap.



The Starfish logo has a good color choice. From the color chart above our logo can be perceived as a company that is optimistic, social, motivated, full of new ideas and much more. Colors do play an important role when it comes to standing out and being recognized.

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