How to Submit Art

We’re looking forward to turning your vision into a high quality graphic solution. In order for our designers and signage fabrication team to create high quality final products, please send us your  logo files and other artwork in the form of high-quality, print-ready files. Listed below are a few of the details and specification that will ensure that we have the best quality artwork for your project.  . If you have an in-house graphic designer, he or she will understand all of these specifications. If not, feel free to ask us to clarify any of these needs for you.

Resolution: 150-300+ DPI

Bleed(s): .125” or more depending on type of project

Crop Marks: At finished size

Fonts: All fonts must be expanded or provide the font file

File Extensions: All .jpgs,.png,.tifs, are acceptable for print only.

For Cut-Vinyl, Dimensional Letters, and most all custom design jobs we request Vector Art .ai/.eps/.pdf

(Saving files  with a specific extension does not necessarily mean the files are  actual vector art)

pixelation example