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How Digital Signage Can Enhance Your Business

Digital signage is a form of electronic signage that uses such display technologies as LCD, LED, projection and more to display information to passerby. This information can be fixed, such as a restaurant menu or business hours, or static, such as the weather report for a surf shop or a greeting that changes in front of a school.

Digital signs can be found in a myriad of public spaces, including train stations, sports stadiums, stores, hotels, restaurants, and even office spaces. The beauty of digital signs is that they are easily changed, which renders them cost-effective. Although the initial installation costs might be more than a traditional sign, you can think of it as a one-time cost–you pay upfront for a sign that you can update endlessly. You will never need temporary signage again!

The Uses of Digital Signage

Digital signage has an array of business utilities, from enhancing customer experience or alerting people to the status of their reservations.


Digital signage is becoming increasingly common in restaurants. Menus can be simply but beautifully displayed on the wall. This is particularly useful for bar menus or appetizer menus–you can even use them to display daily or weekly specials due to their constantly updating nature! In drive-through situations, digital signs are often used in pre-ordering and ordering kiosks.

Restaurant signage can enhance profits as well. According to one survey, over twenty percent of restaurant operators experienced a five percent increase in sales after adding digital signage to their businesses.

Malls and Shopping Centers

Digital signage is incredibly important for wayfinding. Shopping centers use digital displays to display their directories or maps. Allow your customers to navigate their shopping experience more seamlessly by allowing them to find their way through an interactive touchscreen.

Additionally, these signs can be adapted to display local events or sales, enhancing traffic to individual stores. Furthermore, they are often made interactive, through touch screens, to add to the hype around the event or sale being advertised.


Hotel lobbies have adapted to modern times by using digital signage as virtual concierges. Guests can skip the line and check-in virtually, or even order room service virtually.

And due to the flexible nature of conference room usage, digital signage could be used within hotels to help guests find their way to the proper location for their conference or event.


Education Digital Sign

The education industry uses digital signage extensively. In primary schools, cafeterias display the menus for the day’s lunch, or outside signs boast high attendance counts.

Universities are utilizing these options even more, with digital signage placed throughout the campus. The University of Minnesota, for example, has installed more than three hundred digital signs throughout their campus that they update in real-time.

Why use digital signage?

Digital signs have the power to make your life, as well as the lives of your clients, easier. As we all know, creating a seamless client experience increases customer satisfaction, and ultimately increases repeat business. In short, better signs can lead to more revenue for any business!


Interactive digital signage goes a step beyond visual displays. Some signs are even so high tech that users can interface with them by connecting to smartphones! Users can text messages to displays or use Bluetooth to interact with a digital map displayed on a sign. Rather than having one sign that users take a photo of, or remember, for future use, you can provide them real-time feedback through digital signs.


Many digital signs can be programmed to adapt to their surroundings. High-tech LED screens can offer users an experience that changes colors based on the time of day, or the brightness of a given location. This can enhance user experience and increase the overall appeal of the location.

Elevated Look

Digital signage offers an elevated curb appeal that makes a business look sleek and modern. By eschewing standard, old-fashioned signs in favor of ever-adapting digital signage, a business will show dedication to forward progress.

How do I house digital signage?

Digital Sign

Although digital signs can be housed sleekly on their own, businesses often consider monuments to enhance the look of their digital signage. Monuments are freestanding signs that are usually situated on the ground. They may be crafted to look as though they are made of the materials similar to the building where it is located, which helps to create a consistent look for a business.

Starfish Signs Offers Custom, Digital Signage

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