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How Can You Attract More and Better Tenants to your Property?

Property owners are persistently faced with this same struggle. If you are the owner or a property manager of an office building, making your property more attractive to tenants sounds like an expensive undertaking. But assuming that you don’t have the budget for a full remodel or renovation, here are some affordable, custom solutions for how you can make your property more attractive to your present and your future tenants.

Monument Signage

How will people find your building and your tenant’s businesses? We have come a long way, with GPS-equipped phones helping people locate everything they need. But for people driving in cars, or even walking in a new part of town, there is nothing more frustrating than struggling to find a particular business address.

There is a solution to this issue, and it comes in the form of a monument sign. A monument sign is what we in the sign industry call those freestanding, outdoor signs that list all the names of the businesses within a building. Monument signs work really well outside of office buildings and shopping plazas alike. But there is more to them than functionality. Monument signage can help showcase the fact that your property is high quality. And they can be designed in almost endless ways to help capture the feel of your property. Here are some examples:


Wall Murals and Graphics

Upping the feel of a building isn’t all about the outside. The inside is very important too. After all, this is where your tenants will spend the vast majority of their time.

Instead, wall murals and graphics are a way to add a contemporary and updated feel to office space, common rooms, lobbies and conference rooms of your building without breaking the bank. There are so many different directions you can take with wall murals. You can share images related to your work, photos of your community, examples of your products or services, or even purely decorative things like quotes or designs. Here are some ideas:

Interior Navigational Signage

One of the basic and most essential elements of an office building are the signs on the walls with room numbers, business and employee names, and restrooms and exits. Many buildings don’t give much thought to these, but if you think about it, navigational signs are one of the most viewed interior elements of any building, particularly for visitors.  And of course, building owners are faced with the need for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.  We will ensure that you are meeting your requirements under the ADA, while still ensuring that your signs are stylish, and blend with the design themes in your building.

Upgrading your office signs is a way to add subtle interest and class to your building, particularly if you think outside the boring, plastic box. Glass and metal or a combination of the two are a great place to start, but there are many different, interesting ways to turn your signage from mundane to interesting.

Here are some examples:


Let the Starfish Signs & Graphics Team develop fully custom solutions for improving the look and feel of your property. Check out our portfolio for more inspiration!


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